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What is rj45 and what does it do

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    What is rj45

    what is rj45

    Do you know what is rj45? The rj45, whose full name is Registered Jack 45, is a standardized connector. You can connect your digital poster, digital billboard, and other digital signage to the network by connecting it to the rj45. In other words, what is rj45 function is to be able to make your digital signage connected to the network equipment, so that you can transfer data to the digital signage through the network.

    What does RJ stand for in rj45

    Some of you may be wondering what is rj45 the rj and 45 stand for. Rj stands for registered jack. This was the standard name used for telephone interfaces in the 1970s. On the other hand, 45 represents the serial number of the interface standard.

    The working principle of rj45

    The purpose of what is rj45 is for connecting to an Ethernet network. One end of the connector is connected to the network and the other end is connected to the corresponding port on the device. Once connected, the rj45 will transmit, send and receive data over the network. In addition, some rj45 ports support the transmission of power.

    What is rj45 features

    What is rj45 features

    A modular design

    Rj45 consists of a plug and socket with 8 notches and contacts. Its modular design has been widely used. No matter which brand of rj45 you are using, you can connect your devices to the network.

    Convenient to use

    Rj45 is plug and play and takes up little space. It is compatible with digital message boards, digital displays for retail, TV and other devices.

    Stable and secure

    What is rj45 offers users is a secure and reliable connection. You can confidently use the rj45 to import and export data to and from your device, because it is difficult for the rj45 to receive signal interference or be attacked by hackers.

    Support high speed transmission

    What is rj45 port communication speed? Rj45 cable connects with Ethernet, and depending on the combination of different cables, it can reach a transmission speed of one gigabit per second. For organizations using video walls, this speed allows users to quickly transfer video to the 3d digital signage for playback.

    Strong adaptability

    Rj45 port can be combined with different types of cables such as cat5, cat6, cat7 and so on. Different combinations can provide customers with different transmission speeds. In other words, if you want to get faster transmission speed, you can combine rj45 with other cables.

    What is rj45 color code

    What is rj45 color code

    The rj45 port has eight wires, and the correspondence between these wires and the color is:

    • 1 corresponds to green/white
    • 2 corresponds to green
    • 3 corresponds to orange/white
    • 4 corresponds to blue
    • 5 corresponds to blue/white
    • 6 corresponds to orange
    • 7 corresponds to brown/white
    • 8 corresponds to brown

    What is rj45 connector cable types

    When categorized according to the purpose of use, rj45 is divided into the following three categories. These three kinds of rj45 interface structure and basic functions are basically the same, but they are applicable to different uses, you can choose according to your actual application as well as demand.

    Standard grade rj45

    The rj45 used for general indoor computers, digital signage, and televisions is the standard rj45. This type of rj45 has a simple installation method and is suitable for Ethernet connections for home networks, offices, and other applications. Ordinary rj45 interface shell is generally transparent plastic shell, you can clearly see the sort of wire.

    Industrial grade rj45

    For relatively demanding applications in industrial environments, there are corresponding industrial grade rj45 connectors. This category of connectors can be compared to the general type of connector rj45 shell is more hard, can resist some external pressure. And is for manufacturing, transportation and other applications, rj45 interface can also support higher speed transmission to ensure the continuity of the project.

    Waterproof grade rj45

    This connector is ideal if the equipment environment is relatively humid. If your project is selecting outdoor LED signs for display, we recommend choosing this connector. This connector has excellent waterproof performance, which ensures that the device operates properly even in weather conditions such as heavy rain.

    What is rj45 used for

    What is rj45 used for
    • Telephone: What is rj45 port uses were first used on telephones. The connection ensures that both communicators are able to communicate in real time.
    • Computer: Ensuring that network devices such as computers are connected to the internet by connecting them to the network in order to realize online office, online communication, etc.
    • Digital Signage: Do you know what is the role of rj45 in digital signage? If you want to operate a device remotely over a network, you need an rj45 connection.
    • Data Center: The connector connects to the server and ensures the transfer of data from device to device.
    • Manufacturing: For the mechanized, automated manufacturing industry, rj45 can ensure real-time data transmission, so that the operator to grasp the information of the equipment, to ensure that the production continues to operate.
    • Education Industry: With the advancement of technology, online learning and communication methods between schools and parents have evolved. Students can watch a master teacher’s classroom through the device connected to the rj45 port. Even students in remote areas can access good educational resources. Parents can also watch their children in school through the Internet and so on.

    How choose best rj45 for my digital signage

    If you want to know about what is rj45 best match with digital signage, you can get in touch with us by sending email. As an experienced digital signage manufacturer, we clearly understand the choice of rj45 for different application scenarios.

    When choosing an rj45 port, you can base your choice on your usage, compatibility of the device, price, quality, and connectivity. Among them, the most crucial thing is that you need to choose according to the application scenario of the device. If the device is used for indoor environment, the performance requirements are not relatively high, the ordinary type of rj45 can support the connection to the network. If the application scene of your device is more special, such as open-air environment, near the sea and other humidity environment, you need to corresponding rj45 to ensure that the device in the next environment can also be normal operation.

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