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What is IPTV? A Complete Guide to IPTV

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    What is IPTV?

    What is IPTV

    Do you know what is IPTV? The full name of IPTV is Internet protocol TV, which uses the Internet as a transmission channel to provide TV programs, videos and other services to users. In other words, you can enjoy digital TV services such as TV dramas, live broadcasts, and playbacks provided by Internet protocol TV through the Internet. And, you can also cast the video of your cell phone, tablet PC and other electronic devices to IPTV for viewing. This means that businessmen can put their product promotion on IPTV to show people, just like digital signage software.

    How does IPTV work?

    First, it is necessary to encode and process the video content such as movies, TV shows, variety shows, live shows, etc. obtained from the video content providers. Then upload the processed content to the streaming media server through the network. When the user orders the content, the IPTV server extracts the corresponding content from the video content on the server according to the ordered content of the user and transmits it to the user’s device through the network. After receiving the content, the user can play, fast forward and other operations on the video.

    What is IPTV pros and cons?

    What is IPTV pros and cons

    what is IPTV advantages

    Enriching the choice of content: Live video, on-demand video, live replay and TV series are some of the contents that what is IPTV can provide for users. Users can watch news, movies, and TV series according to their own schedule, without the time constraints of traditional TV broadcasting. On the other hand, a wide range of programs makes it easy for users to select the content they are interested in according to their own preferences.

    Providing customers with more convenient ways to watch: Whether indoors or outdoors, users can watch TV programs via IPTV as long as there is an internet connection. Moreover, IPTV is able to update TV series, movies and other contents in real time. In other words, users can watch live content through IPTV just like traditional TV.

    Providing smarter management: In addition to watching program videos, IPTV can also be used to showcase branding. What is IPTV providing a smarter way for organizations to manage? That is remote management. Just like android signage player, enterprises can manage and monitor the signage using IPTV as a promotional display screen from anywhere.

    Widening range of adaptations: IPTV can be used in scenarios such as retail stores, hypermarkets, airport signage, and more. At the same time, what is IPTV offers users is a high-definition and multi-screen content display that can show more information to users.

    What are the disadvantages of IPTV?

    What are the disadvantages of IPTV

    Depending on the network: What is IPTV’s network dependency? Without a network, there is a high probability that IPTV will not be able to provide real-time live content to customers, or that the smoothness of video playback will be compromised.

    Obtaining authorization for video rights: IPTV may not be able to access videos of programs due to exclusive broadcasting requirements of some program operators. This may lose the support of some customers. Therefore, it is necessary to negotiate and cooperate with the video operator to obtain the authorization to broadcast the program, so as to bring more choices of program content for customers.

    Higher technical requirements: The system operation of IPTV is higher compared to programmable digital signs. Therefore, it requires managers to have a high level of technical skills to process and deploy IPTV video content for viewing by users. Moreover, they should be familiar with the composition and working principle of IPTV in order to maintain the equipment in the future.

    Do you have to pay for IPTV?

    You can choose between a paid version and a non-paid version. If you are using with as much as digital signage as a promotional display, just upload the content via the web. If you are looking to watch more programs, movies, and more, you can choose according to the actual situation.

    What is the difference between IPTV and digital TV?

    What is the difference between IPTV and digital TV

    The biggest difference between TV and IPTV when it comes to promotional content is that IPTV is better suited for digital signage. Why is IPTV better suited for digital signage? It is because TV is not used 24 hours a day. With the development of network, more and more users choose IPTV. Moreover, if TV is used for digital signage for a long time, the picture may be distorted. While digital signage is dedicated to promotional content, the display generally uses commercial grade LCD screens such as LED screens and LCD screens. This means that even continuous video playback 24 hours a day can provide users with the clearest picture quality.

    Can you use a IPTV for digital signage?

    The advertising content displayed by digital signage is driven by software. In other words, you can also control the content of the advertisements displayed on the TV screen as well as the display time. IPTV is mainly focused on displaying video content. So you can use IPTV to display video content such as brand disciplinary films, product promotions, and so on. For example, use IPTV as digital displays for retail to show videos of promotional advertisements when there is a lot of foot traffic or when it is an event day in a store. With the help of billboards, it attracts the attention of passers-by to the content shown on the screen and encourages them to enter the store and make purchases.

    Moreover, what is IPTV is different from ordinary digital signage in that IPTV can be divided into multiple video panels and played at the same time. If it comes with a touch screen, it can also interact with visiting customers, providing them with a sense of experience. If you would like to purchase the right IPTV for your digital signage project, please feel free to contact us by email for a quote.

    To sum up

    As network technology continues to develop, the use of IPTV in advertising will continue to expand. Using IPTV for digital signage can show the public rich video content and ways to be able to interact with the public in order to attract potential users, deepen the impression of the brand in the mind of the user, and even facilitate the progress of product transactions. This is the role of what is IPTV in digital signage.

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