What is a DVI connector and the selection methods

What is a DVI connector and the selection methods

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    What is a DVI connector?

    What is a DVI connector

    When making a line connection to digital signage software, you might usually use a DVI connector, a VGA connector, a lan connector, a wan connector, an rj45 connector and so on. At this time, some users who are not clear about the connection line may ask what is a DVI connector, and what is the wan and lan port difference, etc. Here we mainly explain about the DVI connector for you. Here, we mainly for for you to explain the knowledge about what is a DVI connector. DVI connector is an interface for transmitting digital video, which is specialized as Digital Visual Interface. In other words, if you want to play the advertisement video from your computer on the digital signage, you can realize it through DVI connector.

    What does the DVI port look like?

    Here is a brief introduction to what does the DVI port look like. different types of DVI ports have the same appearance, but the internal structure is different. For example, the number of pins, the arrangement of the pins and the location of the pins vary. So, if you know what is a DVI connector type, you can quickly tell which type of DVI port it is and what its main purpose is.

    The type of DVI connector

    DVI connectors are divided into three main categories: DVI-Interated, DVI-Digital, and DVI-Analog. the first one is able to support both digital and analog signals. For instance, this type of connector can be used to transmit video from an old computer to a display screen. The second type can only transmit digital signals. Currently, it is usually used for outdoor LED signs, HDTV and other high-end equipment. And DVI-Analog is usually not connected to the display device. It only has the role of transmitting analog signals.

    In addition to the different types of signals transmitted, these three types also differ in terms of the equipment they are suitable for, the speed at which the data is transmitted, the number of pins, and the arrangement of the pins. So, when choosing the right DVI interface for your device, you have to choose the right one according to the device and the different transmission signals. If you want to quickly pick out the most suitable interface for your electronic signage and other equipment, you can tell us about the model of your equipment, support for interfaces, the speed of the transmission signal requirements and other related information. We will provide you with relevant solutions based on the information you provide.

    What is a DVI connector used for?

    What is a DVI connector used for

    Do you want to play your product promotional video from your computer in a subway digital signage? Do you want to show your company’s promotional video in a crowded place? Do you want your company’s promotional video to be shown in a high-traffic location? Before electronic signage and display devices show their content to the public, do we need to let the display devices know what is being shown?

    And this is the function of what is a DVI connector. A DVI connector allows us to connect a computer or other device that has stored content to be displayed to the display device and transmit the video content to the display device. Once the content has been transferred, we can broadcast the content to the public according to our own preferences or at a time scheduled by the company.

    How to choose a DVI interface for my digital signage?

    Whether you’re choosing a DVI connector fit for your digital signage or another device, the first thing you need to consider is device compatibility. That is, whether or not the device you are using will be able to connect to the DVI connector. Next is the resolution of the transmitted content. the DVI connector is capable of transmitting higher resolution content, which is extremely important for the display effect of electronic signage. Because it is related to the clarity of the content display. There is also stability. Analog signal transmission relative to digital signals are prone to external signal interference.

    What is the difference between DVI and HDMI?

    What is the difference between DVI and HDMI

    The biggest difference between DVI and HDMI ports is that DVI ports can’t transmit audio, but HDMI ports can. If you are using a DVI port for video transmission and you also want to transmit audio together, you need to connect an audio cable for audio transmission. The HDMI interface can transmit video and audio together directly to the display device.

    What is a DVI connector and VGA should I use?

    Before I can explain to you the differences between these two connectors, you need to know what is a vga connector.They are similar in appearance, but the color of the port on a DVI connector is white, while the color of the port on a VGA connector is blue. This is one of their differences.

    Aside from the appearance, VGA is more preferred by the industry because it can only transmit analog signals while DVI can transmit both analog and digital signals. This is because if you want to transmit digital signals via VGA, you need to go through the tedious process of converting digital signals into analog signals and then into digital signals.

    In contrast, DVI is capable of direct transmission, saving users the time of converting signals. In addition, the resolution of the content they support is different, DVI interface can support higher resolution transmission, to provide users with clearer video quality. Therefore, you need to pick the most suitable one among DVI and VGA according to the actual usage requirements.


    In the era of rapid development of real technology, we use electronic display devices in our daily life. As people demand for the display effect and the way to transmit the content of the display device, the style and function of the connector are also updated and upgraded. I hope this article can let you grasp what is a DVI connector look like, function, advantages and other information. It can help you to choose the right connector when transferring the content to the display device to ensure the fastest speed without compromising the quality of the content transferred to the device for playback and display.

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