What does the DVI port look like and its advantages

What does the DVI port look like and its advantages

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    As we all know, if you want to play the text, pictures, videos and other contents from your computer on the digital signage display, electronic blackboard, TV monitor and other display devices, you need to connect the devices through VGA, DVI or HDMI ports. Have you ever taken a close look at what kinds of connectors are available for your monitor? Among the many ports, do you know what does the DVI port look like, and what is a vga connector? In this article, you will be introduced to the look, function, and type of DVI port.

    What is DVI port?

    What is DVI port

    The DVI port was first used for flat panel displays with LCD screens. Prior to that, the port for connecting video displays was dominated by VGA, which is capable of transmitting signals analog. For the LCD display, the video signal is processed digitally. If you use other interfaces, you will need to do multiple conversions. However, multiple conversions can have an impact on the picture quality of the video. In order to process the video signals directly in a digital way, and ensure that LCD display vs LED display can play the maximum display performance, DVI port was born. It is capable of transmitting the digital signal of video to the device at a high speed.

    What does the DVI port look like?

    In this life full of digital devices, we can not avoid the need to connect the video devices to various video cables in some situations. Do you know what does the DVI port look like? Once we know what does the DVI port look like, it will be easier for us to distinguish the types and uses of the cables in the future. DVI port, as a standard video transmission interface, has a rectangular shape. It is generally white in color and has 29 pins. A typical DVI port has a length and width of 39mm and 15mm respectively.

    What does the DVI port look like for different types?

    What does the DVI port look like for different types

    The looks of the DVI port is varied depending on the type. Of course, the appearance is still the same, and what changes the number of pins and the layout.

    1. DVI-D: This type of port has 24 pins and is arranged in a regular layout, evenly divided into 3 rows. It is a digital signal interface and can only be connected to an interface of the same type.
    2. DVI-A: This is one of the types of DVI connectors, and this type of port transmits analog signals only. There are a total of 12 pins, 5 pins in the first row, 3 pins in the second row and 4 pins in the third row. It can accept signals of the same type or VGA connectors.
    3. DVI-I: It is able to accept both digital and analog signals. It has a total of 29 pins, which is the most pins of the three types. Of the 29 pins, 5 are analog and the rest are digital. Compared to the other two types, its layout is relatively complex. But it can be compatible with more devices to transmit video signals.

    What are the advantages of the DVI port

    It can transmit high quality video

    DVI ports are designed to transmit digital signals, which can reduce the need to convert digital video information. In addition, it also avoids signal interference or image compression, ensuring the high quality of the video image.

    It has high compatibility

    It is able to accept both digital and video signals. Additionally, it is compatible with a wide range of devices such as conference room displays, digital displays for retail, and urban digital signage. If you want to connect it with HDMI or VGA devices, you can realize your needs with the help of a converter.

    It gives a relatively high level of stability

    We can understand the design of the interface from what does the DVI port look like, which is able to firmly connect the devices together. This is a great performance for users who need a high level of connectivity. It can ensure that your surveillance screens, medical equipment monitors, and other important devices are displayed properly.

    What to consider when choosing a DVI port

    What to consider when choosing a DVI port

    When choosing a DVI connector for your digital signage or video display, you have to consider the requirements of video transmission quality, compatibility of the device, whether you need to transmit audio or not, and the length of the cable. DVI is capable of transmitting high-resolution video, but it does not support audio transmission. Which means that if you need to transmit audio you will need to use a pass-through adapter or use an audio cable.

    Most importantly, you should choose according to your use. Is the connector used for 3D animation or for home movie playback? The matching connectors for different purposes will also be different. For example, the high definition of the video. If it is used for high-resolution display, you need to make sure that the selected DVI can support high resolution video transmission. You’ll also need to check if your device has a DVI port and whether the signal your device needs to transmit is digital or analog.

    And you also need to consider the length of the interface cable. If the signal is transmitted over a long distance, it will have an effect on the quality of the image, and a high quality cable can reduce these effects. Therefore, it is important to consider the quality of the interface cable in addition to its appearance.


    As one of the important interfaces for transmitting video signals, the DVI port is still widely used in electronic devices such as electronic blackboards, open-air big screens, and outdoor electronic signage nowadays. Hope this article can help you understand more deeply what does the DVI port look like, and choose the matching interface according to your needs for video display as well as equipment for ensuring the transmission quality of video signals.

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