wan vs lan - which is better for digital signage

wan vs lan – which is better for digital signage

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    When you install digital signage, it is very important to know which network to set up for the digital signage. Therefore, you need to understand the difference between wan vs lan clearly before that. In this article, we will tell you the difference between wan vs lan so that you can set up the best network for your digital signage to ensure that the electronic screen is better at displaying the content.

    What is wan vs lan

    What is wan vs lan

    What is wan

    The wan is short for wide area network, and the network range can cover different cities, countries, and other places with a large span of geographical areas. It allows devices connected to wan to realize remote data transmission. If you have installed a large 3d digital signage in a commercial center in a different city, you can upload the latest promotional video to the device remotely via wan, and then set the playback order and duration.

    What is lan

    The full name of lan is local area network. As you can tell from the literal meaning of the term, wan vs lan, the coverage area of a lan is relatively small. Lan’s coverage area is limited to offices, homes, campuses, or single buildings. This type of network mainly focuses on connecting internal devices to each other, and you can share the training courseware from your computer to a small digital display to show to the audience.

    The similarities of wan vs lan

    Both networks can be used for data transfer. Whether it’s wan vs lan, you can use them to transfer videos, pictures, posters, and other resources to your restaurant signage, store’s product display screen. In addition, you do not need to worry about whether your electronic signage player’s data will be leaked or stolen because both networks authenticate visitors. This means that people or electronic devices cannot access the network without being granted access rights. If you need to increase the number of devices that can communicate with each other as your business expands, you can increase the number of devices that can communicate with each other by expanding wan vs lan.

    What is the difference between wan vs lan

    What is the difference between wan vs lan

    Have different coverage areas

    One of the most fundamental differences between wan vs lan is the network coverage area of both. The former has a wide coverage area and allows communication even in different countries. While the latter’s lan can only ensure internal communication for devices within a certain range. If you only need to manage digital displays for retail in the same commercial building, then connecting to a lan will provide you with ease of management.

    Different speed of data transfer

    When wan vs lan is compared in terms of transfer speed, lan can provide you with high transfer speed. That is why it is ideal for transferring huge number of files. Whereas, wan with comparatively lower transfer speed takes longer time to complete the transfer of documents, videos and other contents. You can choose based on the size and number of files you normally transfer to your device.

    The security of the network is different

    For wan vs lan, since wan can support access to the internet and the network coverage of wan is larger. As such it will be more susceptible to network threats such as hacking, data theft, viruses and so on. Therefore, you’d better protect it by deploying a defense system such as a firewall.

    Cost is different

    There is a difference in the cost of initial investment, operation and maintenance. Overall, wan vs lan, lan’s cost is relatively lower. It is mainly because they can cover different areas, so they have different needs in terms of technology, equipment and services provided by the relevant service providers. On the other hand, wan, which can cover a wider area, has a higher demand for these aspects, so the cost will also increase.

    Different access ports

    The wan vs lan ports both allow devices to connect to a network, but they are different because of the networks they connect to. Their ports are labeled differently in order to allow users to install a network for electronic devices such as signage players. The wan and lan port difference allows you to distinguish well which is the wan access port and which is the lan port.

    Is it better to have wan vs lan for my digital signage

    Is it better to have wan vs lan for my digital signage

    If you want to pick the best network in wan vs lan for your digital signage, you can consider factors such as the actual purpose of the device, the environment in which it will be used, the network performance of the device, and the cost.

    • The network requirements you require: If you want to synchronize content playback, remote transmission of the latest playback video, etc. for your electronic signage installed in different city locations, wan is the ideal choice. This is because wan has a wider coverage than lan. On the other hand, if you only need to share the content of digital signage devices in the same small area, lan is enough.
    • The importance you place on digital signage data: As we have just mentioned, in the security level, if you compare wan vs lan, lan will have higher security level. If you are worried about your device’s data being hacked or maliciously leaked, you can choose lan with a higher level of data protection. In addition, if you want to choose wan while worrying about data security, you can strengthen the protection of your project’s important data by installing security software.
    • Your expected input cost; Since the application scenarios of wan vs lan as well as the network coverage area are different, the difference in their cost is also relatively large. The cost of wan will be a bit higher than that of lan. Moreover, the subsequent maintenance costs are relatively high. So you can also choose the most suitable one in combination with your budget when choosing a network for your digital signage player.

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