Wan and lan port difference that you wanna know about

Wan and lan port difference that you wanna know about

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    Wan and lan are two of the three types of computer networks. You will use these two networks when you make a network connection using a computer, digital signage software, and other devices. When you make a network connection, you may use wan port and lan port. But do you want to know what is the wan and lan port difference? In this movie article, we will explain you in depth about wan and lan port difference.

    What is wan port and lan port

    What is wan port and lan port

    Wan ports are usually used in home networks as well as office networks. It is mainly used to connect the home electronic devices and the internal network of an organization to the external Internet, so that the local network can be connected to the Internet. It can ensure that the device can surf the Internet to search for information, communicate with others remotely through the Internet, and so on.

    Lan port is used to connect devices that are connected to the same area network together.
    In other words, it can connect electronic devices together within the LAN so that your cell phone, computer, printer, projector and other devices are connected to each other. Wan and lan port difference is that devices which are connected together through lan port are able to share internal content. For example, you can use your cell phone to display a poster in a digital poster, you can also display a video from your computer in a projector.

    Is wan and lan port difference

    The usage is not the same

    The two ports have different networks that they can connect to. One is for internet connection and the other is for connecting to the internal network. By connecting to the internet the wan port can ensure that your device is able to access the internet for surfing. Whereas, the lan port which connects to the local area network is able to enable data sharing among the devices connected together.

    The labeling is different

    From the appearance of the ports, even though the size and look of their ports are the same, their placement in the router as well as their colors are different. There are usually more than one lan port because lan ports are used for internal device connections. It is common for lan ports to be labeled with lan1, lan2, and lan3 so that users can tell the wan and lan port difference. On the other hand, wan ports are labeled with blue color to differentiate them from lan ports, and at the same time, the top or bottom of the port will be labeled with wan or internet text.

    Labeling is one of wan and lan port difference

    Different transmission range

    If you want your projector, Bluetooth stereo, printer, and other devices to be able to connect to the internet, in that case you can choose the wan port. Wan port is able to allow your devices to communicate with each other remotely so that they can communicate with each other across regions, cities, and even countries. In other words, even if your digital message boards are located in different areas, you can update the content through the network connected to the wan port. If you are connected to a lan port, the communication range is relatively limited. Lan ports allow devices to share data within a fixed range.

    Function, role, identification, and transmission range are all aspects of wan and lan port difference. They take on different roles but both are meant to enable the device to access the network. When you are connecting your device, remember to differentiate between the roles of the two ports as well as the sockets of the router to ensure that the device is able to access the internet as well as communicate.

    Wan and lan port difference in usage

    Wan and lan port difference in usage

    One example here is the different roles played by wan ports and lan ports in an organization. If wan ports are connected to the computers, printers, office digital signage, etc. in an organization, then even if an employee is out of the office, he or she can remotely connect to these devices and operate them remotely. If they are connected to a lan port, the employee can click on the computer to print a document, and the printer will receive the instruction and print out the document.

    Is wan port faster than lan port

    The speed of a wan port is generally 150mbp/s, while the speed of a lan port can reach 1000mbp/s-40000mbp/s. Comparing this data, we can clearly know that the speed of wan port is slower than a lan port. If it is an ordinary home device or office electronic device, the speed of wan port is enough for you to transfer files.

    Which port is more suitable for me

    Which port is more suitable for me

    After we understand wan and lan port difference, you can choose the better one according to the specific usage scenario. If you need to connect your devices to the network so that you can share data remotely with devices in different areas, then you need to choose the wan port. However, if you are using the devices in the same office building, I think the lan port will be able to satisfy your need for device communication. If you have a large number of office devices, you can expand the lan port to connect more devices.


    Wan and lan ports are widely used in smart TVs, office computers, servers and other applications, allowing devices to access the network through the connection to meet the needs of different users to network their devices. Wan and Lan ports can help you manage your devices and ensure the stability of your connection to the network so that you can run your devices efficiently. If you still have questions about wan and lan port difference, or are not sure how your digital signage, electronic devices and other electronic products are better connected to the network, you can always consult us for technical support.

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