Is your manufacturer one of the top digital signage companies

Is your manufacturer one of the top digital signage companies

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    Which are the top digital signage companies in your mind? Is it LG, Sony, Samsung or other companies? Nowadays, in the era of advanced digital technology, digital signage software has become one of the mainstream tools for expanding the visibility of business, delivering the information of the company, and attracting customers. With the expanding demand for digital signage, some top digital signage companies are rapidly capturing the market with their R&D technology, user satisfaction, product quality and brand reputation.

    Why is digital signage gaining popularity?

    Why is digital signage gaining popularity

    Different from the traditional paper signage, digital signage is a kind of electronic device for displaying contents through installing electronic screens on signage and billboards. It is widely used in commercial places, traffic signs, transportation stop signs and other places. At present, digital signage has replaced traditional signage as one of the popular promotional tools.

    Digital signage not only provides businesses with more economic benefits, but also provides users with a convenient way to obtain the information about their needs. The companies can use digital signage to show users their related information and promotional products. As well as the same, the customers can also quickly catch the consultations that related to the organization through the written information, pictures and videos displayed by the digital signage.

    Is digital signage profitable?

    Do you know why digital signage is widely used in the retail, restaurant and education industries? It is because digital signage is more effective in reducing costs, attracting customers and increasing brand awareness, compared with traditional forms of signage. One example is that before the emergence of digital signage, businesses publicize their companies and products by printing billboards, leaflets, posters and other traditional advertising information. And it requires paper, money, human and material resources to print and distribute promotional materials on a large scale.

    However, if you use digital signage that manufactured by top digital signage companies, you only need to make the content in the early stage and set up the playing time period and number of times for the content. Then, if you need to update new content at a later stage, you can directly replace the new content for broadcasting through remote management. As a result, it greatly reduces the cost of publicity and manpower expenditure.

    Top digital signage companies reviews

    Top digital signage companies reviews

    The following will introduce some of the world’s well-known top digital signage companies for you to refer to, and the company ranked in no particular order.


    LG, one of the leading top digital signage companies, has accumulated a deep reputation and user trust in the market. Their digital signage products cover the series of transparent OLED touch screen display, LED smart signage, and commercial monitors. It can meet all kinds of business promotion and advertising.


    When you see SONY, the first thought that comes to your mind may be other electronics rather than digital signage. Although SONY didn’t start out as a digital signage company, SONY digital signage provides customers with high image quality with high brightness and lifelike colors. Moreover, the digital signage adds some additional features. In addition to creating content, you can do schedule management, remote control, and more.


    In top digital signage companies, PHILIPS is still in a leading position. PHILIPS digital signage support LAN, WIFI wireless transmission, can be any combination of playback content. And you can also set up a multi-time period playback content. Moreover, it can also be turned on at regular intervals. This helps operators to set the time of digital signage playback according to the actual situation and save the cost when no one is watching.


    Asianda has been in the field of digital signage for 14 years and has accumulated abundant project solution experience and a wide customer base. Our products cover outdoor LED signs, wall-mounted digital signage, floor standing digital signage, which are widely used in cities, subway stations, monitoring type and other scenes.


    Samsung, as the global leader in digital signage solutions, has realized the comprehensive innovation of bigger screen, clearer image and smarter operation through improving and upgrading the key performance of digital signage to provide customers with more comprehensive display solutions.

    How do I choose the top digital signage companies?

    How do I choose the top digital signage companies

    Although electronic signage is one of the most powerful ways of advertising, you need to choose a reliable digital signage company if you want to make sure that your project will stand out from the crowd. How can you make sure that your chosen suppliers are one of the top digital signage companies? You can compare the companies in terms of their reputation, materials, and the programs they offer. As a reliable digital signage manufacturer in China, we use the best quality materials and are committed to providing high quality digital signage to our customers.

    What top digital signage companies do for industry?

    Electronic signage is rising in the publicity methods with the advantages of the high definition display, low energy consumption and strong adaptability. digital signage companies will provides a more diversified and flexible way for businessmen and organizations in various industries to display their inquiries to the target groups. For the target group, it brings a new experience different from the traditional signage. On the other hand, digital signage companies will help enterprises to realize the goal of reducing paper waste and achieving green sustainable development by digital signage products.

    For example, digital signage is able to collect energy through the radiation of the sun, so that digital signage can realize self-powering. The application of digital signage is highly compatible with the world’s call to reduce paper waste, providing strong support for the realization of a low-carbon economy and environmental sustainability. With the innovation and promotion of electronic signage technology, it is believed that electronic signage will become more and more visible in future global carbon reduction efforts.


    Top digital signage companies drive the innovation and advancement of digital signage products and lead the direction of the market. As one of the leading digital signage companies, Asianda is committed to the technological development of products and providing customers with high quality digital signage and customized solutions to solve the challenges they face in their projects.

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