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    With the development of device display technology, people will compare TFT vs LCD in addition to LCD display vs LED display when picking electronic devices with display such as TVs, cell phones, digital signage displays and so on. In order to be able to let you know more about the difference between TFT vs LCD, we will give you an explanation about the difference between these two screen types in this article.

    What is TFT?

    What is TFT

    TFT, whose full name is thin-film transistor, is a kind of LCD screen. Nevertheless, there is a difference between a TFT vs LCD in that the pixels are controlled by separate transistors. At the same time, it is the one of the most commonly used material in cell phones, small digital display and other devices. It is capable of providing viewers with a visual experience of high brightness and vibrant colors.

    What is LCD?

    LCD is is a type of liquid crystal display, which requires a backlight when displaying your digital images, video, and color-coded text. The technology of LCD display is mature and the cost is relatively low, which is one of the materials used in the display of cell phone screen, computer screen, flat panel display and other equipment.

    Is TFT vs LCD better than OLED display?

    Is TFT vs LCD better than OLED display

    In terms of technology, TFT vs LCD is relatively mature. It also means that TFT and LCD are relatively low cost, which makes them ideal for users with limited budget costs. In addition, these two types of screens are able to provide different large display sizes for customers who need a large screen to show their content. In terms of visual effects, OLED screens are able to provide viewers with a wider color gamut, as well as achieve a relatively high contrast ratio. And if it is used for curved screens, OLED displays are more suitable than TFT vs LCD displays. It is because OLED has better flexibility and it has thinner thickness. Moreover, OLED displays are able to turn off unwanted pixels when displaying black color. In other words, its energy consumption is relatively low which can help you save energy.

    Therefore, it is not possible to generalize whether one of these three screen types is better or not. In different application scenarios, TFT vs LCD and OLED play different roles. When choosing between these three screen types, you need to do so based on your actual needs, your budget, the presentation of the image, and other aspects to ensure that the screen can provide the best visual effect for your project. If you are confused about this, or if you are unsure about it, you can contact us through the email. We can provide you with the most suitable digital signage screen according to your needs and the actual use of the project.

    Do you know the differences between TFT vs LCD?

    Do you know the differences between TFT vs LCD

    The operation principle of them is different

    Composed primarily of thin-film transistors TFT screens have each transistor that controls the liquid crystal molecules in the liquid crystal. Different arrangements of liquid crystal molecules create different pixels. It can control the color as well as the brightness of each pixel, thus providing the viewer with a brightly colored image. In LCD, the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules is controlled by an electric field, and it requires a backlight. An image is formed by the illumination of the backlight.

    Difference in image rendering speed

    Because of these two types of screens work differently, the efficiency in displaying the pixels of an image also differences. TFT electronic screens can react quickly to the pixels of the image you want to display. This is thanks to the fact that the pixel response is controlled by separate transistors. So if you want to use it for applications such as instant video playback, gaming, and other applications TFF screens may be more suitable. Whereas LCD is responding to images, animations and other content relatively slowly and may have residual shadows.

    Differences in image quality

    Differences in image quality are mainly in the areas of contrast and color. Due to the difference in working principle, LCD screen may have light leakage when displaying black color, this phenomenon may be the black color purity is not high. On the other hand, TFT can control the luminosity of each pixel as well as the color well, providing sharp contrast when presenting images with dark and bright colors.

    When it comes to TFT vs LCD monitors, there are also differences in the way that they present the picture at different viewing angles. The former has a relatively wide viewing angle, which means that even if the viewer looks at the screen from a different viewing angle, there will be no noticeable change in the effect of the screen. The later has a relatively small viewing angle. In other words, if the viewer looks at the screen from the side, the pattern of the screen may appear to change.

    The cost is different

    The cost of TFT vs LCD is different

    When comparing TFT vs LCD, the production cost of TFT screen is relatively high. This is because the technology of LCD screen is more mature, the manufacturing cost is relatively low. Moreover, the production materials of TFT screen are relatively more, and the production technology requirements are relatively higher. Therefore, TFT screens are usually used in high-end electronic devices such as high-resolution displays and displays for 3d digital signage. However, I believe that with the continuous development of technology, the difference between the cost of TFT vs LCD will be gradually reduced.


    As the most common display technology in modern electronic devices, TFT vs LCD plays an extremely important role in the electronic devices we use every day. They show us clear and colorful pictures, videos and other contents. But there is a difference in their working principle, cost and performance. Therefore, when it comes to our digital signage, computers, cell phones and other devices, we can compare TFT vs LCD based on the knowledge we’ve gained in this article, and choose the one that best matches our devices and the scenarios in which we use them.

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