Asianda subway digital signage solution

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Asianda Subway Digital Signage Solution

Asianda subway digital signage is an electronic display technology that can be installed in public places like the station entrance, platform, ticket office, waiting room, etc. It is used to disseminate various information, such as transport information, advertisements, entertainment, warnings, or directions.

Asianda subway digital signage solution
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    Subway digital signage can become an indispensable assistant in your everyday life by making your time on the subway more effective, productive, peaceful, and hassle-free. In addition, it can make your subway visit safe and enjoyable. This piece will illustrate several types of digital and subway signage, as well as companies that provide subway and digital signage solutions and some questions about whether it is reliable.

    1.Where can Asianda subway digital signage be installed?

    Where can Asianda subway digital signage be installed

    The name subway digital signage comes in when one wants to point out that electronic screens are used in subway stations, train coaches, and passageways to give people access to information, entertainment, and advertisements.

    • Outside the station entrance: Subway advertising can attract a wide range of potential passengers by combining ad content with subway lines, warnings of substitute service and delayed subway, and other information.
    • Inside the station: Digital signs in subway stations can assist users in finding place and also allow them to get necessary information related to safety and emergency messages. In addition, it can be used like digital displays for retail, describing the store meals and drinks, new menu dining.
    • On the platform: Here, subway digital signage screens are advantageous because passengers can immediately use them to receive information concerning the actual subway arrival time, changes in the line, the last time, and any news related to bad weather.
    • On the train: Subway digital signage grabs attention and informs. It shows travelers the sights and cuisines along the way.

    2.Function of using subway digital signage

    Digital signage software around the subway are vital in delivering information, ads, and entertainment to commuters. It ensure the convenience of people who use subway throughout the city.

    • Aiding in navigation: Whether it is a crowded subway station or one where the subway train vehicles are complicated to understand and follow, subway digital signage installed there showing train timings and wayfinding, as well as displaying maps and directions, help remedy the problem. Along with the subway digital out-of-home advertising daily, commuters demonstrate the way to the pathways and give them additional information, which acts as an interactive gate.
    • Providing information and services: Digital signage informs riders about a wide range of information, like new events, weather, etc., and they are also informed about the safety of individuals in an emergency. Subway digital signage, in addition to internet connectivity, reference services, and wayfinding systems, it can help travelers completing a trip.
    • Broadcasting advertising content: They can also show a variety of content to their target customers, which conveys their message directly to the intended audience. Digital signage displays often run with advertisement but, at the same time, provide useful information to the customers, keeping them attentive and balancing the availability of mediums.

    3.How can Asianda subway digital signage help you?

    How can Asianda subway digital signage help you
    • Enhancing brand presence: Subway digital signage still stands as an effective technology that can be useful not only to help people get more information, but also to enhance the popularity of brands. From ordinary paper-based posters to advanced LED screens, this new means of using subway digital signage make your brand brand stick in the minds of subway commuters.
    • Showing clearer navigation: We can compare the use of digital signage in subways with a paper. Subway digital signage can give users current information and real-time results of public transport. It clarifies the layout of subway routes and guarantees the passengers that they know the name and direction of the subway to any point in the city. Moreover, it is possible to keep the image played on the screen clear even as it is used for a longer period of time.
    • Getting more attention: They also function as the primary means of disseminating multiple types of information that users interested, such as events in the local community, the weather, and even emergency information, on digital screens. By doing so, it gains the attention of more users, which will increase the effectiveness of the product promotion shown on the screen.
    • Increasing the user experience: Subway digital signage prevents transport waiting from being tedious. You can employs videos, games, and various services to make transport waiting interesting. For example, allowing devices to play funny videos, building programs like digital message boards that allow users to leave messages, and so on. It ensures that the advertisements are infused with more fun and interactivity, which will successfully keep commuters occupied and give them certain experiences.
    • More accurate advertising: The choice of digital advertising in subways is more detailed than ordinary advertisements, so the advertisements are relevant. Subway users are engaged in a wide range of industries, which means that the publicity broadcast by your subway digital signage has a great potential to be seen by your target customers. It also ensures that your brand is placed right before your target audiences when they need to recall your brand messages.
    • Get engagement with customers: Another strong characteristic of subway digital signage is interaction with commuters. You can use this medium to communicate with consumers, involve them in their marketing programs, giving suggestion and etc. It can maintain customer interaction and customer perception.

    4.Types of subway digital signage

    Subway digital signage is a digital display similar to an LED screen often installed in subway stations, trains, or platforms to provide information, entertainment, or advertising to passengers waiting for their trains. Depending on the purpose and location of the installation, subway digital ads are divided into various types.

    • Directional signage: These signs guide passengers on how to use the subway system, such as indicating a map of the route, the signs of the next station, the exits, and the options for transfer. Directional signage can be interactive with touchscreens or QR codes, giving more information and access to additional services.
    • Identification signage: These usually indicate or show the name, logo, or brand of the municipality that manages the subway, station, or train. Moreover, identification icons can be both static and dynamic. For example, they can display color modifications through LED or OLED screens that give a distinctive visual identity or a retro ambiance.
    • Informational signage: This form of publicity puts the commuter up to date, thus passing some information on the train schedule, weather forecast, latest news, or in case of an emergency. Informational signage may comprise video walls or projectors showing computer-generated images or scenes to capture passengers’ attention or make the experience more enjoyable.
    • Advertising signage: This type promotes the ads for sponsors or partners, businesses, events, products, or branding. The advertising signage can also be interactive by having sensors or cameras that can detect the audience’s sense of their age bracket, predicaments, interests, and behavior and tailor the content accordingly.

    5.How to use subway digital signage?

    How to use subway digital signage

    There are a few steps to the best use of subway digital signage. If these steps are taken into consideration, then according to these steps, it would assist the subway systems to become more operationally efficient and more sustainable. And your ad will have a good effect.

    Step 1: The information system begins by connecting your digital signage to the subway’s central information system. This is important since it contributes to synchronization and updated information regarding the subway’s working state.

    Step 2: Setting digital signage software. It can manage the content that has to be displayed on the screens, and it is used to perform all the functions related to content distribution, like uploading, editing, and scheduling.

    Step 3: Creating design content incorporating effective content creation tools in the software, like:

    • Videos: Short creative videos or animations with interesting content for attention.
    • Images: Content-related images or related products enable viewers to quickly understand the content of the screen.
    • Text: The message you want to send. Such as metro information, weather, news, product description.
    • Animations: An animated icon that would be an appealing image to pass some info or promotions.

    Step 4: Frequency: The number of days between the first publication of the piece of content and its subsequent occurrences. Project the agenda into the future and stretch the time to highlight when clients will utilize the service.

    Step 5: Monitor and update content: Sometimes, check and operate the digital signage network. Ensure that displays are new so that riders are up-to-date on the latest subway developments.

    Step 6: Leverage advertising space: Lease digital signage space to businesses to maximize their advertising potential. This can create a steady revenue stream while providing valuable information to commuters.

    6.Where to get Asianda subway digital signage solution?

    How to identify a reliable subway digital signage manufacturer? Many companies are offering manufactured digital signage for the subway. Still, choosing one that can provide turnkey digital sign systems for the subway service is important. Subway digital signage is is an integrated product of metro information and advertising. They can also update live train schedules and any data concerning delays, cancellation of the train. They also have channels for news concerning emergencies, advertisements, and public healthcare information. Consider the following to identify a trustworthy subway digital signage manufacturer.

    Below are some of the factors that should be considered when identifying a trusted manufacturer for such challenging :

    Research and Analysis: Research the manufacturing company’s past projects to determine whether it can complete the same projects.

    Reputation Assessment: Evaluate the strategies and the effectiveness of the company’s business execution by the manufacturer. This means that consumers will have high trust in a brand that has been in the market for a long time.

    Complete Solutions: The chosen supplier should be able to provide the right solution for your project application.

    Customization and Flexibility: This product must be configurable to achieve its operational goal and your desired strategies.

    Technological Edge: Choose a company that have HD displays, touch technologies, or connected devices to the best content.

    And Asianda is a reliable subway digital signage manufacturer in China, we can help your project run with the cost-effectiveness subway digital signage player. We have the strength of customized products, which means we can meet your customized needs for digital signage. If you want get a solution from Asianda, please feel free to contact us.

    7.Subway digital signage FAQs

    Subway digital signage FAQs

    Below is a brief response to some questions concerning subway digital signage.

    Q1: Can Asianda subway digital signage display real-time transportation information?
    A1: Digital signage is a category of information and advertisement messages displayed on electronic bulletins. Asianda subway digital signage along the railway corridor infrastructure can deliver information, such as real-time train timetables and system alerts, to the users. The advantage of Asianda digital signage information is that it can be updated almost immediately, and its application area can even be adjusted to certain regions or audiences. And it can help provide more important data, such as the weather, news, events, and safety alerts. Hence, these tools may become the very medium of communication. The implementation of the subway digital signage by the operators has been helpful in various directions, such as deliver information, broadcast propaganda for their commuters.

    Q2: What size subway digital signage do I need for my project?
    A2: Your work on several indicators, such as the place, the meaning, the content, the target audience, and the budget for your project, can determine the size and location of your digital signage. Here are some general guidelines to help you choose the right size for your subway digital signage:

    The ratio and resolution of your digital signage should match the standard TV screen sizes, usually 16:9 for landscape displays, and maintain an aspect ratio of 9:16 for portrait displays. The resolution should be at a minimum of 1920 x 1080 pixels for full HD quality in the resolution definition. Be very conscious of the size of the files you process your digital content, which should be 2-3 MB. This will optimize loading time and speed. On the other hand, a balanced, clear, and visually appealing presentation or design of your digital content must be achieved by paying attention to the colors, fonts, and images you use. The distance and viewing angle of the audience will affect the screen size you select and the position of your digital signage. Achieving a good balance between the brightness and contrast of your digital signage requires considering the ambient light and the viewing background of the location.

    Q3: Can multiple Asianda subway digital signage play the same content?
    A3: The short answer is whether the software and hardware can handle it. Indeed, our digital signage installed in multiple subway systems can play back the same content. It is possible to arrive at screen synchronization, taking different routes to share content simultaneously on various screens.

    Q4: Can subway digital signage share information with public buses?
    A4: Yes, subway digital signage can share information with the public buses. This integration is one of the features aimed at streamlining the use of public transportation so that information on real-time arrivals and departures can significantly improve the travel bus experience and add more fun and entertainment to the journey of subway and bus users. For instance, in Barcelona, the railway company use subway digital signage displays information not limited to the metro, including the public buses.


    Do you know that changes are being brought on by subway digital signage in the urban environment? They provide fresh updates, guide us when lost, and satisfy our curiosity by showing us what is interesting to watch or read. This agrees with me because the ease of access and the nice experience don’t matter due to the accessibility of public transport. When large numbers of people start migrating to the cities, and the need for better travel facilities is felt, these digital screens will gain much more importance. In addition, you can also promote your products while displaying information to gain higher sales.

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