How to use small digital display to get more benefits

How to use small digital display to get more benefits

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    Digital signage has gone through several small revolutions. Upgrading from the initial bulky look to the current small digital display that is capable of seamlessly connecting with small devices such as sensors, scanners, cameras, and so on. In the current field, many top digital signage companies are launching new small digital display products to meet the needs of different applications.

    Although the screen is small, it gradually occupies the market share of digital signage with its own advantages such as light, thin, and small space for use. It is applied in personal electronic devices, medical devices, smart home and other products by various manufacturers.

    What small screens can be used for digital signage?

    A small digital display usually refers to a screen size between one inch and a dozen inches. These small screen electronic devices are usually used in scenarios such as electronic menus, smartwatches, advertising promotions, and product price tags. There are roughly LED displays, LCD displays and OLED displays for small digital display. You can choose according to the requirement of the screen for your project. Among these, outdoor LED signage is one of the top choices for outdoor advertising because of its high brightness and high clarity.

    The difference between LCD and OLED in small digital display

    The difference between LCD and OLED in small digital display

    LCD and OLED displays are the most commonly used displays in digital signage, but there are differences in how they work, how they are displayed, and the quality of their images. LCD small digital displays control the transmission of light through the liquid crystal layer for image display. Therefore, OLED screens may be relatively better in terms of showing black color. OLED small digital displays require an electric current to be applied to the material to emit light, and are generally able to respond quickly to a wider color gamut. Moreover, it can be made into curved shapes to meet the needs of special designs.

    How should you use a small digital display?

    It is understood that digital signage has to be selected for different scenarios of publicity as well as display of information. In other words, there is no single digital signage that can be used for all purposes.

    How should you use a small digital display

    Increasing your business sales

    If you want to advertise at the table, then small digital display is the best solution. In this case, an iPad-sized small digital display is usually used so that guests can see the price list and promotions of store, and sell additional products to get higher sales. In contrast, if you put a large digital display in such a scenario, it will not only take up more space, but also make guests feel uncomfortable with the placement of items in the store.

    Displaying the information of the company

    In corporate meeting rooms and hospitality rooms, small digital displays are one of the main devices used to present the company’s internal news to the internal staff, as well as to demonstrate the corporate culture to visitors. These small digital displays are usually placed on a table or mounted on a wall so that employees and guests can learn about the company.

    Increasing the interaction

    At present, many businesses and organizations establish interaction with consumer users through small digital display. For example, they collect messages and feedback from consumers to upgrade their services. Different from the traditional paper message boards, the digital message boards can provide colorful drawing tools for the people who visit it, so that they can stay in front of the small digital display for a longer period of time.

    The advantages of small digital display

    The advantages of small digital display

    Small size but high clarity

    Compared to the large screens placed in train stations to display train information, small digital displays are more suitable for applications where space is limited due to their compact size.
    For example, electronic watches, infrared temperature sensors, and other devices. Although the screen is small, it can also provide users the information as large digital displays for retail. Small digital displays also have a high resolution and can provide users with clear and realistic images, allowing customers to get better access to information.

    Full functionality but small consumption

    Although the size is smaller, the small digital display has the same functions as a normal size screen. On the other hand, the consumption of a small digital display is relatively low compared to other sizes of electronic screens, which effectively extends the life of the device’s battery. As a result, they are popular in small electronic devices such as cellular phones and portable game consoles.

    Where can the small digital display be used?

    Small digital displays are often used in scenarios that require high display technology, lightweight and portability, and small installation space. For example:

    Smart devices: POS displays, smart home controllers, smart door locks, and others
    Portable electronic devices: e-readers, music players, small game consoles, and more.
    Medical devices: blood pressure monitors, thermometers, temperature boxes, etc.
    Transportation: center control display, in-vehicle systems, electronic maps, and so on.

    How to buy the most suitable small digital display?

    How to buy the most suitable small digital display

    After confirming the size and requirements of the display for your project, you need to choose the right screen size and the clarity of the presented content to ensure that the content can be clearly delivered to the target users. Then compare the different screen types of small digital display , according to the advantages and disadvantages of each screen type to choose the one that is most suitable for the project.

    When it comes to choosing a small digital display manufacturer, it is important to confirm the quality and reputation of the brand’s products to ensure that the project can be carried out smoothly. If you have the requirement of product appearance or design, you can look for the manufacturer who can provide customized service to match the small digital display with the usage scenario and provide the visibility and visual display effect of your own brand.


    With the miniaturization of electronic signage screens, small digital displays allow more industries to present energetic information to the public through the use of digital signage software. The small digital display is a great choice when your project requires a small footprint and has the ability to display, remotely edit, and more. Most importantly, even if you choose a small digital display, you will not lose any of the features of a regular display because of the small screen size.

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