A guide to selecting a small digital billboard

A guide to selecting a small digital billboard

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    What is a small digital billboard?

    What is a small digital billboard

    A small digital billboard is a digital display with a small screen, which can be used for the same purpose as digital signage software, to display multimedia content such as movies, moving pictures and text. However, small digital billboard does not require a lot of space, which means that it can meet the publicity needs of enterprises even in a small space.

    What is the smallest digital billboard size?

    Generally, the size of a digital billboard has a lot to do with the technology and design used by the digital signage manufacturer. The overall size of a small digital billboard basically depends on the display screen. There are roughly three types of small digital displays commonly used for digital signage: LED displays, OLED screens, and LCD displays.

    When electronic signage was first introduced, 110 inches, 220 inches and other large size of digital signage. With the market demand as well as top digital signage companies research and development, currently on the market small digital billboard size between 0.5 meters to 3 meters or so, not only enriched the digital signage products at the same time also meet the user’s needs for electronic signage.

    Is small digital billboard cheaper?

    Is small digital billboard cheaper

    The price of digital billboards cannot be generalized. Generally the price of digital billboard depends on the type of signage, size, type of electronic screen, additional features and other factors. But compared with large digital signage, the price of small digital billboard will be relatively low. However, the exact price is subject to the brand of the product, the model of the product, the display technology, the features and so on. If you want to know the price of your small digital billboard project, you can contact us at any time, we will quote according to your needs.

    Kinds of small digital billboard

    Conventional small digital billboard

    Have you ever stood under a large video wall in a busy area such as a city center or business center and watched the video content on the screen? This is the small version of the digital billboard, which has a small screen but has the functions of a large digital signage. Because of the small size, it can be applied to office buildings or shopping malls aisles and other places where the space is relatively narrow to display content.

    Standing small digital billboard

    Standing small digital billboards are supported by a stand. The general height is about 1.2 meters to 4 meters, the width of the screen is 0.5 meters to 2 meters. Widely used in stations, roadsides, parks, industrial parks and other spacious places, can provide users with better visual effects.

    Hanging small digital billboard

    As the name suggests, a hanging sign is usually suspended from a wall or ceiling. Suspended digital billboards have the advantage of being located at a higher height. Because of the higher installation position, it can be seen by more users and attract users to focus on the screen. It is usually used in indoor scenarios such as exhibitions, hotels and shopping malls.

    These are the types of small digital billboards, you can choose the type of signage according to the application to get a better display. You can also customize the digital billboard through the manufacturer if you have space requirement or need a smaller size.

    Tips for choosing small digital billboard

    Tips for choosing a small digital billboard

    Choose the best content presentation for your application

    Small digital billboards are smaller in size compared to conventional digital signage, and are more suitable for displaying content in places where space is limited. Small digital billboards are frequently seen in places such as order boards on restaurant tables, store window displays, and electronic signage at reception areas in public places. Some are placed on the table to display, some are hung on the wall to attract users’ attention, and some stand by the intersection to provide guidance. These small digital billboards come in a rich variety of types and sizes to meet the needs of enterprises as well as organizations for different promotional effects in different scenarios. Therefore, you can pick the right size and the best type of signage according to your actual application.

    Choose a better presentation based on product performance

    You can according to the performance of the product to choose a better display effect of small digital billboard. Even if the same content is displayed by a small digital billboard with different resolution and brightness, the display will be different. The higher the resolution of the electronic player, can provide users with clearer and more realistic picture. If the brightness is higher, the small digital billboard player displays superior content when exposed to strong light. This is why manufacturers recommend purchasers to buy a brighter small digital billboard when they know that the purchaser is using it for an outdoor location.

    Consider the features needed for a better presentation

    Consider the features needed for a better presentation

    In addition to features such as creating content and keeping up with content remotely, current small digital billboards can also interact with users through the touch screen. Examples include signing up for store memberships, following social media accounts, leaving comments, and more. Some digital billboards can also be set to turn on and off. So you can turn off the electronic signage in the time period of low traffic and publicity effect is not ideal, in the advertising and publicity effect of the best time to automatically turn on the display of content. It will reduce the consumption of energy and at the same time provide the effect of publicity.

    Identify the brand's after-sales service to ensure project continuity

    You need to confirm the after-sales service of the brand to ensure the continuation of the project follow-up. When choosing a product, the most important thing is to choose a brand with high product quality and customer satisfaction. Asianda uses high quality materials such as the industry benchmark original A+ panels in the manufacturing of digital signage to provide high quality small digital billboard products to customers all over the world. Our professional team can provide 24/7 technical support to solve the problems encountered with the products to ensure the project can run for a long time.


    When choosing a digital billboard, it is important to look at the use and whether the scene can accommodate the space for the digital billboard. If the digital signage can be installed in a small space, then in terms of aesthetics and safety, small digital billboard is a better solution. Not only does it take up less space, but it can also achieve the effect of publicity and display.

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