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Do you want to use electronic devices to display campus announcements, course schedules, and club activities to students, teachers, and parents? Maybe school digital signage can help you. Other than the information dissemination, you can also add to the learning atmosphere of the campus through digital signage. Asianda, Chinese school digital signage manufacturer, has the ability to provide you with digital signage matching different campus applications to help you better add to your campus atmosphere.

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    School digital signage can be used as a channel of communication between teachers and students, between schools and teachers, and between schools and students. In this article, we cover what is digital school signs, why it is important, the advantages of deploying digital school signs, how they can be used, and the different types of digital school signs obtainable on the market today before explaining how you should start with digital signage for your school.

    1.What is school digital signage?

    What is school digital signage

    Have you ever seen electronic screens on bulletin boards when you go to other colleges for competitions or events? Have you seen the road signs on campus are also displayed by electronic display boards? In the campus cafeteria, have you noticed that the menu and price display boards are also electronic? As well as the display of floor maps of academic buildings, libraries and other buildings, etc. These are the school digital signage that we can see everywhere on campus.

    Any independent sign that a school possesses, including and not exclusively an interactive writing board or projector, is viewed as a school digital sign, which affects the learners and the teachers. School digital signage is a digital signage used on campus which combines an electronic display and a digital content management system. It can help you to realize the distribution of campus content, promotion of event information and so on.

    2. Why is school digital signage important?

    There are several goals for Schools that can be achieved by school digital signage, such as:

    • Enhancing visual learning: Widely used in the classroom, the digital white boards combines videos, images and animations to design interesting lessons. It can help students with different learning abilities to enhance their understanding of issues.
    • Interactivity and active learning: Smart boards enable learners to be more proactive in the learning process than other types of presentations. It can help with problem-solving, quizzes, interactive question answering, student-student and teacher-student collaboration, and simulations. These methods are effective since the learners are fully involved in the learning process.
    • Real-world relevance and practical learning: Teaching and learning will also be relevant to real world, current events, and practical applications. Such relevance makes the content more realistic and increases the chances of better comprehension of how the topic in discussion is used in everyday life.
    • Customized targeted learning content: As every student has a different level of understanding and preference, the teaching methods that students are comfortable with will also vary. Teachers can customize the right content as well as courseware for students in school digital signage according to their situation so that they can better master the content.
    • Instant updates and current information: Other items like books and newsletters, which take some time to be printed, and published, school digital signage can be updated immediately. This feature allows the students to have updated information, particularly in frequently changing fields like science and technology.
    • Sustainability and eco-friendly learning: School digital signage is important because it helps reduce paper use and is environmentally friendly. They connect with modern education requirements that stress the importance of maintaining eco-friendliness in processes and including activities that increase people’s environmental awareness.

    3. Benefits of school digital signage

    Benefits of school digital signage
    • It can Improve the efficiency of information transfer: Digital signage for schools can help you get information about your campus and clubs out to students and teachers in a timely and responsive manner. Compared to traditional paper posters or notices, you need to spend time as well as money to print and paste the content. Whereas digital signage allows you to post campus system updates, digital poster for competitions and other notifications in a timely manner, ensuring that the information is current. It allows teachers and students to know what’s happening on campus, as well as messages to the learners, the faculty, and the other people who may be interested in the school. In addition, students and teachers are able to leave messages and interact with each other through the device.
    • It can provide a smarter approach to campus management: School digital signage can provide you with smarter management methods, automatically helping you to collect information data about students, such as their attendance, time of arrival at school or classroom, number and length of books borrowed, teacher’s evaluation and so on. This helps you to better understand your students’ learning situation. The other function of school digital signage is crucial to a school’s safety and security as it can display emergent messages or information in the event of a fire house, earthquake, or any other event at the school. Moreover, with school digital signage, there is enhanced security since the school management can guard against vandalism and theft by preventing outsiders from entering campus premises.
    • It can show the school image: Do you want to know how digital signage in schools shows its strength to visitors. For example, it can be used as the school’s electronic way-finding signage, large electronic screens used for publicity, restaurant digital signage in the campus dining hall, and so on. It provides a modern educational environment for students and teachers while also demonstrating to visitors the strength of the school.
    • It can enhance the learning atmosphere on campus: School digital displays can also convey various achievements, ethical training, and the school’s spirit to create the right impression in the view of the visitors. It is also possible for different students to engage in academic discussions, post different answers to questions, etc.

    4. What can school digital signage be used for?

    • Lesson presentation: Teachers can transmit their lessons to the school digital signage via the Internet and present the text, pictures, videos and other relevant learning content to the students through the device so that they can better understand the learning content. And, it also supports distance learning. This means that if a student is sick at home they can also learn through their home WiFi.
    • Digital message boards: If students are facing problems in their studies or are having troubles in their lives, they can write down their confusions through the digital message boards. Other students or teachers who see the message can write down their solutions or guidance.
    • Bulletin board: You can use it to display the school’s mission statement, vision and values, as well as the school’s diversity, equity and inclusion policies. Competitions organized by the school, the latest advice from the clubs or the weather forecast for the latest week, the canteen menu can all be displayed on the school digital signage. It enables students to be aware of news, upcoming campus events and participate as they see fit.
    • Wayfinding and navigation: Some of the images that may appear on schools’ digital signage include maps and or direction signs that always guide children, students, staff, and visitors. It also enables the display of information regarding the school’s capacities, services, and policies to the students and equally makes the signs convenient for the user.
    • Informative displays for college personnel: you can utilize campus digital signage to show everyone what the campus faculty is like, what students have accomplished, and other advantages. Let current and potential students and faculty get a deep understanding of what the school has to offer.

    5. Types of digital school signage that we provide

    Types of digital school signage that we provide
    • Standalone displays: The standalone display means separate electronic boards mounted on walls, ceilings and are stand-mounted. This means it is not limited to one type of content: images, videos, texts, graphics, etc. They are best suited for posting information, announcements, and messages where they are needed in some particular areas, like the corridors, the reception, and the cafeterias.
    • Digital boards: These are electronic writing surfaces that can be touched, written upon, or manipulated with a stylus, finger, or similar communication device. They are especially suitable for teaching in teaching facilities such as libraries and large audience halls.
    • Freestanding digital signage: You can choose between indoor signs or outdoor LED signs depending on the application such as auditoriums, playground, and theaters. Both animation and graphic posters are able to be played. In addition, you can remotely operate the playback content of the device.

    6. How to start school digital signage

    You need to follow these steps to start school digital signage:

    • Define your goals and objectives: It is important that you set out the objectives for school digital signage and the evaluation techniques employed. You must also determine the group the event or notification is geared towards and the effect of what you are trying to achieve.
    • Choose your hardware and software: This depends on the kind and quantity of digital displays, touch panels, and projection screens that will adequately meet the requirements. You must also decide what software will allow you to produce, arrange, and modify the content.
    • Create and upload your content: You must generate and post it in pictures, videos, texts, graphics, etc. Your content has to be relevant, engaging, and updated.
    • Setting the playback time: After completing the creation of the content, you will be able to play it to your students according to the time. For example, select a time slot for the end of class to ensure that students will be able to see what is displayed on the device.

    7. Tips for choosing school digital signage

    Given the following tips, you could enhance your chances of acquiring the most appropriate school digital signage solutions.

    • Assess your needs and expectations: Depending on the motivation one wants to achieve, the objective, the possible target audience, money, and the time you are willing to spend. You must also assess your existing assets regarding physical infrastructure, human resources, and capabilities relevant to the school’s digital signage.
    • Compare options and features: You can choose campus digital signage with different features for different applications. Some examples are considering the size of the screen, whether the screen supports touch, the brightness of the screen, the life expectancy and cost of the device, the compatibility of the software, and how easy it is to use.
    • Seek expert advice and support: You may need to seek further help from the school digital signage manufacturer. We can provide you with a school digital signage solution that matches your different applications as well as your needs.

    8. We can provide OEM school digital signage

    We can provide OEM school digital signage

    Whether you need digital signage created from your design or school digital signage with a school logo, we can meet your needs. Of course, we can produce the shapes, colors, and logos you want according to your preferences and needs to help you better decorate your campus or expand your market share in campus digital signage. If you want the functionality of the device we are also able to help you achieve it. Examples include speeding up the interactivity and response time of the equipment, improving the picture quality of the displayed content, and improving the performance stability of the workflow.

    We can guarantee that your school’s digital signage will integrate with other systems/components, such as your network, computers, and portable devices. We can also adapt and make your school digital signage fully integrated with other applications, including your learning management system. Our OEM school digital signage could help you transform the environs of your school if you have given some expectations and requirements for the school. We can also offer you other modern teaching, learning, and communication methods.


    School digital signage is a useful means that boosts learning and relations between students, teachers, and administrators and creates a contemporary ambiance within learning facilities. Some key functions digital displays in schools can be deployed for include curriculum and instruction, student life and activities, school environment and community relations, physical navigation, and marketing and identification.

    School digital signs can help you achieve better communication between teachers and students, more efficient delivery of campus notifications, and smarter and safer campus management. For those who are considering our OEM school digital signage, we welcome you to contact us for details and a free quotation. We are always ready to hear from you.

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