Asianda restaurant digital signage solution

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Asianda Restaurant Digital Signage Solution

Digital restaurant advertising is a new and efficient way of informing customers of various offers such as menus, other products, and information in a restaurant. Restaurant digital signage has improved the dining experience and increased sales, production, and customer satisfaction.

Asianda restaurant digital signage solution
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    This article will explain what restaurant digital signage is, how to use it, what benefits restaurant digital signage has, and the steps to follow to create your own restaurant digital signage.

    1.What is restaurant digital signage?

    What is restaurant digital signage

    Restaurant digital signage is understood as the electronic display upon which dynamic and interactive information can be communicated to a customer within a restaurant. Restaurant digital signage can be installed on the walls, windows, tables, counters, and any part of the restaurant. Restaurant digital signage can be internet-enabled, connected to a computer, or cloud-based and operated remotely or locally.

    2.The use cases of restaurant digital signage

    Restaurant digital signage can be used for various purposes in a restaurant, such as:

    • Menu boards: These may contain a message about the current day, menu, price list, images, or any other information regarding foods and drinks that are available at the restaurant. It also includes the nutritional value of foods and drinks offered in the restaurant. It can also be changed often depending on food stock, seasonable times, and other forms of specialty in the menu. Menu boards can also be customized to display unique menus depending on the time of day, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even happy hour.
    • Promotional displays: It can also be used as a digital poster. Therefore, restaurant digital signage can be used as a tool to notify clients about the restaurant’s promos, specials, coupons, and club membership. Promotional displays attract more customers, retain them, and increase average sales.
    • Entertainment screens: Some entertainment, such as videos, images, social media, news, weather, sports, or trivia, can be incorporated into the restaurant’s digital signage. Entertainment screens help make the environment fun and entertaining, besides making customers wait for their meals or for their turn to pay.
    • Informational displays: Informational content that may be used in restaurant digital signage includes the restaurant’s background information, the chef’s background information, food sold in the restaurant, food origin, customer feedback, health and safety information, retail information, and restaurant address information. The informational display can help increase trust, credibility, and commitment among customers and create awareness about the restaurant.

    3.Benefits of Asianda restaurant digital signage

    The benefits of Asianda restaurant digital signage

    Restaurant digital signage can bring many benefits to a restaurant, such as:

    • Increased sales: Restaurant digital signage can help increase sales since it makes the restaurant popular among customers, offers more food items, and is beneficial for repeat visitors. There are also certain ways by which the digital signage in the restaurant could change customer behavior or preference, such as encircling on its menu the most-selling, most-profitable, or most-tasted dishes. It also means that restaurants can similarly use digital signage software to make the customers feel they are waiting for a shorter amount of time and entertain/inform them simultaneously.
    • Reduced costs: By applying digital signage for restaurants, you do not have to pay for the expenses of printing menus or posters, fliers, or banners, which help you to save the costs. Another advantage for restaurants is the ability of restaurant digital signage to save on labor costs through the automation of updating the menu and promos and decrease in errors, as well as wastage that can occur during the ordering and serving process. Restaurant digital signage also means that the signs used to save energy costs, for example, LED or LCD screens, are known to be energy savers and do not emit as much heat as other conventional signs.
    • Improved efficiency: Restaurant digital signage can enhance productivity since it can act as a tool to simplify ordering and serving methods. It will also positively impact the efficiency of the orders by providing clear and accurate details on the boards, and this is because there will be limited need for personnel to have additional communication regarding the order details. It can also help enhance the quality and delivery of food. Digital signage screens can display the methods of preparation and the recipes for the chefs in the kitchen to follow.

    4.How can restaurant use digital signage to increase profits?

    Digital signage brings more revenue for restaurants while providing an opportunity to minimize their expenses.

    1. Attracting more customers: One of the advantages of restaurant digital signage is that the appeal and beauty of the menu. And the messages displayed on outdoor LED signs may attract more people to the restaurant and order meals.
    2. Increasing the order value: Restaurant digital signage can also be useful in promoting additional products since it can also display other information related to the menu. It also persuades customers to order more through promotions, the top-selling items, the most profitable, and recommended products such as side dishes, drinks, or combinations.
    3. Encouraging repeat visits: The restaurant’s digital signage can always lead the customers back to the restaurant by displaying the menu and other advertisement materials, which can assist in customer loyalty, such as offers, discounts, loyalty programs, or customer reviews and ratings.
    4. Eliminating the printing costs: If you make updates or changes to the information on a paper menu, poster, flyer or banner, it must be printed to replace the previous information. While restaurant digital signage can change the content simply by operating in the program, reducing the cost and time of printing
    5. Saving labor costs: Another area where restaurant digital signage can decrease labor expenses is changing the menu and promotions. It can also organize the ordering and serving process, avoiding mistakes and overproduction compared to manual management.
    6. Saving energy costs: Implementing digital signage such as LED or LCD can greatly reduce energy costs. These signs consume less power and do not emit much heat compared to traditional signs. Another type is dimmable signs, in which brightness and contrast can be adjusted depending on light and time factors.

    5.How do I start my own restaurant digital signage?

    How do I start my own restaurant digital signage

    You need to follow these steps to start your own restaurant digital signage.

    1. Define your goals and objectives: They can be either the growth of sales or the decrease of costs, the improvement of business processes, or the enhancement of the customers’ experience. You need to consider where the restaurant signage player will be installed and what services you want to provide to your customers through the digital signage, such as displaying menus, promotions, or placing orders. You can also evaluate factors such as the main product, sales target amount, and customer satisfaction.
    2. Select your hardware and software: There are necessarily to select the type of hardware and software to install and run the restaurant digital signage. It is important to know about some including software to run digital signage such as content management software, the scheduling management software, the analytics management software, or the cloud management software. By the way, our restaurant digital signage comes with its own software, so you don’t have to worry about that.
    3. Choose your content and design: The content and design in the digital signage screen vary depending on the type of restaurant. There are many services including in Restaurant digital signage such as menu, promotions, entertainment, and information. You also have to decide how to present your content and design, including the organization, color, typeface, picture, motion, or interactions of the screens.
    4. Set and test your system: It is also important to realize that your restaurant digital signage system is accessable and prepared for use. For example, confirm that the device is able to connect to the network, that the media player is functioning properly, and that the created content can be successfully played on the screen.
    5. Install and operate your device: After debugging the device’s content playback time and sequence, you can install the device in your planned location. For example, in front of the restaurant, at the table, at the cashier’s desk or in the window.

    6.How to get a solution from a restaurant digital signage manufacturer

    You need to follow these steps to get solution from manufacturer about restaurant digital signage.

    • Research and compare: You need to research the different restaurant digital signage manufacturers in the market and compare them with each other. You need to compare some factors including their offerings, prices, and consumers’ satisfaction of the specific signage and services they offer. You also have to compare their products’ features and attributes. However, you need to must compare the advantages and disadvantages and also include hardware, software, content, the best quality of their systems, installation, or customer support.
    • Contact and consult: If you have any question and problem, you want to solve all issue. The best way to solve the problem is to contact the manufacturer of the restaurant’s digital signage that you selected. This is possible through phone conversations or visiting their organization’s or official website. You can also send email to talk to us about your needs and preferences. You can get expected outcomes by telling us about your goal, purpose, approximate budget, time frame, or project location.
    • Request and receive: For example, when preparing to place an order for restaurant digital signage, you may need them to develop a program or technical support for you. If you have any needs or problems with your project, feel free to contact us for support.
    • Negotiate and finalize: You can finalize with the our about agreement including business deal or the specifications and procedures to pay, deliver, or install. If you also need to finalize the deal, such as an agreement with us as being able to sign with them, pay for it, or confirm when delivery or installation will be made, please don’t hesitate to tell us.

    7.What kind of restaurant use digital signage do I need?

    What kind of restaurant use digital signage do I need

    The following are some of the factors that can help determine what is appropriate for my restaurant’s digital signage scheme:

    • Your restaurant type: There are may be different types of restaurants, such as fast-food restaurants, casual dining restaurants, and fine dining restaurants, would be different depending on the classification of the restaurant. For example, fast-food restaurants may have more menu boards and promo screens, and fine-dining restaurants may need more mood TVs and video walls.
    • Your restaurant size: There can be different sizes of restaurants, such as small, medium, or large. For example, the number of screens may vary within restaurants according different capacities and resources for digital signage. A small restaurant may need less screens or comparatively small screens as compared to large restaurant.
    • Your restaurant location: This means that contextual factors such as being urban or in a rural area have different implications for the prospect of digital signage for a restaurant. For example, urban restaurants might need more eye-catching and competitive advertising through digital signage as compared to rural areas.

    8.Does the restaurant digital signage require maintenance?

    Yes, restaurant digital signage requires maintenance to ensure best performance. Here are some key points regarding maintenance.

    • Regular Cleaning: You need to clean the screens because dust, fingerprints, and debris can affect the screens. To keep them clear and visible, wash them frequently with a soft, lint-free material such as soft piece of cloth.
    • Software Updates: Top digital signage companies usually launch software updates to enhance capability, security, and compatibility. Check periodically for updates and apply them where necessary. So you need to update the software for new versions.
    • Hardware Inspection: You should made Routine checks hardware, such as cables, mounts, and media players. These include checking for wears , connections, or any other damage.
    • Content Refresh: Your content must be updated frequently to keep it fresh and interesting to audiences. Old or outdated content is not good for customers. This can include seasonal promotions, new menu items, or special events.
    • Temperature and Environment: It is frequently advised to ensure that the temperature of the digital signage should be within range. It is also important that screens not cross to extreme temperatures, such as very hot or cold. Screens should avoid from direct sunlight.
    • Backup and Redundancy: Provide protective measures to critical elements. A backup is an option that makes certain that service is always on even when there is a fault in the hardware.

    9.Asianda customizable restaurant digital signage solutions

    Asianda customizable restaurant digital signage solutions

    You can get customizable restaurant digital signage based on your desired specifications. We offer professional services to help you develop, launch, and manage the digital signage solution that would meet your restaurant’s needs. This solution can include menus for your restaurant and promotional and informational signs for your company, among other things. Our Services Include:

    • Consultation and Planning: Our cooperation will be based on your needs and expectations, as well as your cost estimate and expected outcomes. Our strength lies in our ability to advise on identifying the most suitable digital signage for your restaurant.
    • Design and Content Creation: Our equipment can provide you with a wide variety of content templates to facilitate the creation of menus, advertisements, promotional and other content displays.
    • Installation and Setup: We can also advise you on the best location for your restaurant’s digital signage based on our experience.
    • Training and Support: To save you time, we are ready to conduct special training sessions for your staff on managing and updating this digital signage system. In addition, we keep the support chat contacts open, where you can report any technical questions or problems, and we will help immediately.
    • Maintenance and Upgrades: You can contact us if you need maintenance support. In addition, if the device needs to be upgraded, we will send you the program and tell you how to do it.

    Why Choose Us

    Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

    Certified Product

    Asianda digital signage displays have a series of product patents and software copyrights, and have complete qualifications.

    High Quality Materials

    We only use original A+ panels from industry benchmarks such as Samsung, LG, Chimei, AUO, and BOE.

    Professional Team

    Asianda's digital signage display team has a number of independent core technologies and a series of product patents and software copyrights.

    On Time Delivery

    With professional logistics and distribution, we can ship the equipment to your local port on time.

    Quick Response

    Asianda sales and technical team will provide pre-sales consultation and after-sales service 24/7.

    One Year Warranty

    Asianda, a digital signage supplier, promises free repairs for product quality problems within one year.

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