65 Inch Ultra-thin Bezel Display

Asianda 65 inch ultra-thin bezel display are made with ultra-thin screens, and their slim profile allows them to be mounted flush against a wall or in tight spaces where traditional monitors might not fit.

Compared with traditional products, it is not only beautiful but also easier to install. It can be used flexibly in a variety of application scenarios, and its customizable range is wider than traditional digital signage.

Product Data
Product name 65 Inch Ultra-thin Bezel Display
Screen size 65 inch
Screen type TFT LCD
Screen ratio 16∶9
Display area 1427.5(H) * 802.5(V)mm
Resolution 3840*2160
Brightness 400 nit
Contrast 1200:1
Viewing angle 178°(H) / 178°(V)
Service life 3000 hours
Motherboard and Appearance
Motherboard solution 3683 AD board
Connection port USBx1,HDMIx1,DVIx1,VGAx1,AVx1,AUDIO INx1,AUDIO OUTx1,RS232 INx1,RS232 OUTx1
Border size 4/6/8mm
External dimensions 1443.2 * 818.4 * 89.3(mm)
Trumpet (Customizable)
Weight 32KG
Package size 1630 * 365 * 1010 (mm)
Working Environment
Working temperature ‐0℃~40℃
Working humidity 20%RH~80%RH
Power supply AC 110-220V 50/60HZ
Maximum power 230W

Product Three Views

Product 360° Display Video

Product Structure

Product Packaging Video

Optional Accessories
Screen size Multiple screen sizes (32-75) to meet the needs of various occasions
Screen brightness 350-700nit brightness, clear display of various scenes
System solutions Both monitors and Android motherboards are available, and system configurations can also be customized
System configuration Android, Windows, Linux and other system solutions are available
Installation method Wall-mounted, floor-standing, horizontal, vertical and other orientations can be customized to meet actual needs.
Trumpet Speakers can be customized according to customer needs
Product Advantages
High Definition: Adopt high-definition full-view LCD display, ultra-high-definition resolution
Ultra-thin: Made of special material, light and thin, with stable structure
Ultra-narrow: 4/6/8mm ultra-narrow metal frame, full-screen design, minimalist borders, enhancing the immersion and visual impact of the picture
Performance: Internal heat dissipation adopts convection method, ensuring long-term load operation without worries
Applicable: multiple sizes, multiple shapes, one-to-one tailor-made according to actual needs


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