55-inch Outdoor Floor Standing Digital Signage

Asianda 55-inch outdoor floor standing digital signage adopts a modular design to facilitate the installation and maintenance of internal display screens, heat dissipation components and electronic components.

The product has 6 major electrical protection functions including leakage, overload, overvoltage protection, lightning protection device, over-temperature protection, and water leakage protection.

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Product Data
Product name 55-inch Outdoor Floor Standing Digital Signage
Screen size 55 inch
Screen type TFT LCD
Screen ratio 16∶9
Display area 682.2(H) * 1211.4(V)mm
Resolution 1920*1080 / 3840*2160
Brightness 2500 nit / (Customizable)
Contrast 1200:1
Viewing angle 178°(H) / 178°(V)
Service life 50000 hours
Motherboard and Appearance
Motherboard solution RK3568 2+16G / (Customizable)
Android version 11.0
CMS yes
Cloud account yes
Connection port HDMI out、RJ45、HDMI IN、usb 3.0*2、DC-IN
External dimensions 860.4 * 2000 * 450 (mm)
Trumpet 8Ω 10W * 2 / (Customizable)
Weight 120KG
Package size 960 * 2100 * 260 (mm)
Working Environment
Working temperature -30℃ ~ +50℃
Working humidity 5%RH~95%RH
Protection level IP65 / IP55 / (Customizable)
Power supply AC110-220V 50/60HZ
Maximum power 400w

Product Three Views

Product 360° Display Video

Product Structure

Product Packaging Video

Optional Accessories
Screen size Multiple screen sizes (32-86) to meet the needs of various occasions
Screen brightness 1000-4000 brightness can be selected, clear display without fear of strong light
Exterior color Black, gray and other colors available
System configuration Android, Windows, Linux and other system solutions are available
Android system A variety of chip solutions are available, and the system configuration can also be customized
Touch system Highly sensitive and low-latency touch can be customized according to needs
Heat dissipation method Air cooling, air conditioning and other heat dissipation methods are optional, making the machine worry-free to use
Hardware shell Shell material: galvanized plate, electrolytic plate, sheet metal, etc. optional to meet actual needs
Multi-sided display Single and double-sided displays can be customized according to needs to make full use of space
Motherboard three protection The motherboard is moisture-proof, salt-spray-proof, and mold-proof, making it more stable and durable.
Environmental monitoring Can be used with a variety of environmental monitoring sensors to remotely monitor machine operating conditions
Product Advantages
Play system 1. Each playback area can be freely arranged and layered, and can be played horizontally and vertically.
2. The screen area can be divided freely, and pictures, audios, videos, web pages, clocks, dates, subtitles, and mixed materials can be combined and edited.
3. Supports preview of programs and playlists, real-time monitoring of playback images, and multi-segment scheduled power on and off settings.
4. Different users can set different operation permissions.
5. Adopt distributed management and support remote or local control.
6. Support Android phones or tablets to send program lists to the playback terminal, remote monitoring, and scheduled power on and off functions.
7. Support LAN, WiFi, and 4G networks.
8. The screen brightness automatically adjusts according to the surrounding environment.
Heat dissipation system The integrated temperature control of the smart fan ensures that the display will not go black in outdoor environments ranging from -20 to +50 degrees, and the whole machine will work normally.
Axial flow fan, equipped with fan speed control board, automatically senses temperature, automatically adjusts fan speed, saves energy and extends fan service life.
Surveillance system 1. Monitor parameters such as fan status and speed
2. Monitor screen status and parameters
3. Monitor the temperature and humidity inside the chassis
4. Temperature and humidity alarm threshold can be set
5. Device alarm abnormal parameters can be sent to the designated email address
6. The management terminal displays abnormal alarm information of relevant equipment in real time
Protection system Six major protections: waterproof, lightning protection, anti-theft, anti-electric shock, anti-overload, anti-high and low-temperature C-level lightning protection, instant lightning induction; IP65 waterproof and dustproof. High-efficiency multi-layer filtration system isolates harmful dust from entering the machine.
IK10 certified protective glass reaches level 10 protection, effectively protecting the screen. 6MM AR high-transmittance tempered glass, the metal shell is made of 1.5MM SGCC galvanized steel plate, the inner layer is sprayed with zinc-rich base powder, and the surface layer is sprayed with anti-corrosion paint, and the service life is guaranteed to be more than 10 years.


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