Asianda 55-inch LED Video Wall

Asianda 55-inch LED video wall has rich color display, screen brightness up to 500nits/700nits, and 178° ultra-wide angle.

The product supports multiple installation methods and multiple data interface connections. The 2K display screen can continue to play 7*24 hours without interruption.

Category Indoor full color regular series Small spacing indoor high brush series Indoor full color high brush series
Model M2.5-1 PH1.25-I / PH1.53-I PH1.86-1 / H2-1 / H2.5-1
Spacing 2.5mm 1.25mm / 1.53mm 1.86mm / 2mm / 2.5mm
Board resolution 128 * 64 256 * 128 / 208 * 104 172 * 86 / 160 * 80 / 128 * 64
Single board size 320 * 160 320*160 320*160
Refresh rate 3840 3840 3840
Product Advantages
Gold wire packaging The gold wire copper bracket is used to encapsulate the lamp beads, which has strong oxidation resistance, resistance to back pressure, and strong conductivity. It reduces the dead lamp rate and improves stability. The gold wire copper bracket double protects the tube core and relatively extends the service life.
Quick installation Suitable for use on columns, wall installations, rentals, car screens, and mobile media. Adopting a new structural design, it can be carried by one person and is very light. It is beautiful and not easy to deform, and the splicing is easy and smooth, which reduces the pressure of the screen on the steel structure during the installation process.
Die-cast aluminum box material The new result design realizes the direct bonding design of the chip and the aluminum substrate, and the thermal conductivity is higher than that of the conventional box.
Golden ratio The small-pitch LED box ratio is 16:9, which is the golden ratio of the human pupil ratio, providing comfortable and natural vision.
Various installation methods Hanging, wall-mounted, wall-mounted, wall-mounted, bracket, floor-standing


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