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Technology Patent

Synchronous display software with WIFI V2.0_00
Quantum dot LCD production R&D system_00
Quantum dot LCD production R&D system V1.0_00
Outdoor advertising machine touch screen touch device system V1.0_00
Multimedia Information Release System 3.0 Software Copyright_00
LCD splicing screen high-definition signal processing system V1.0_00
LCD splicing screen display control management software V1.0_00
LCD splicing screen color correction software V1.0_00
AI smart store welcome management software V2.0_00
AI smart jewelry series information release software V2.0_00
Advertising machine intelligent management system V1.0_00
Advertising machine data collection and analysis system_00
5G outdoor advertising machine control software V2.0_00
5G network control information release software V2.0_00
5G multi-purpose IoT environment monitoring software V2.0_00
5G Intelligent Transportation Multimedia Management Software V2.0_00
5G Intelligent Customer Acquisition Management Software V2.0_00

Asianda Qualification

Guangdong Province Integrity Enterprise
South China University of Technology Industry-Academic Research Center
high-tech enterprises
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