Can office digital signage improve business communication

Can office digital signage improve business communication

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    In the world of information overload, traditional announcements on paper and emails are no longer sufficient to ensure that people within an organization can check the latest company news in a timely manner. How to deliver important information to employees and ensure that they receive it in a timely manner is an urgent problem for companies. However, office digital signage can ensure that important company news can be delivered to employees in a timely and conspicuous way.

    What does office digital signage mean

    What does office digital signage mean

    Office digital signage is a display device which is used in office, meeting room, reception room and other places. It can publish and update text, pictures, videos and other contents in real time to show employees and visitors the corporate culture, company news, notices and so on.

    How does office digital signage work

    Before using office digital signage to display information, you should determine the board displayed on the playback screen, whether it is a screen with multiple boards of content display, or multiple screens displaying the same content. Then you can create specific content in the digital signage software. Once the content is complete, you can resize it according to the requirements of the company or the user’s preference to ensure the visualization of the content. And then, after you have set up the playback order and display time of the content, office digital signage will play the content you have created.

    Why office digital signage is important

    Why office digital signage is important

    Showing diversified contents

    Compared with traditional paper notices, office digital signage can display diversified content, such as text, animation, pictures and so on. It can attract the attention of employees with diversified content and help the company to deliver the latest information.

    Delivering information in a timley way

    The office digital signage can be updated and modified through remote management, providing great convenience for enterprises to deliver information, eliminating the need to print paper notices and paste them into the notice boards of various departments.

    Customized display of content

    Our office digital signage supports displaying multiple content on the same screen, and you can also display different content at different times.

    Additional income

    In addition to delivering an informational message about the company to employees, companies can also generate additional advertising revenue by splitting up the screen and selling a small area to be used as a small digital billboard to advertise.

    Offering ways to interact with employees

    In addition to display, office digital signage can be used to create interactions with employees, such as clocking in and out of work through facial recognition, or conversing with employees through their messages.

    The benefits of office digital signage

    The benefits of office digital signage

    Improving the communication of employees within the company

    Office digital signage can communicate the latest announcements, notices, news, events and other information of the company in a timely manner. This ensures that employees are kept up to date with the latest company news and important meetings, avoiding delays in important matters due to lagging information delivery. Some companies also create a shared information method in office digital signage, so that the device like digital message boards can leave messages, so that employees know the latest situation at the same time to participate.

    Conducting emergency meetings

    The office digital signage distributed in various locations of the organization can be used as a screen for online meetings with employees who are not in the same space to participate in the meeting under special circumstances. In this way, it ensures that the meeting is held on time and that all employees participate in the meeting. In the case of large digital signage, it also allows the participants to feel like they are in the same room together.

    Providing company status information

    Many companies use office digital signage for the guidance of each department of the company, to help new employees and customers visiting the company to accurately find the target location in an unfamiliar office building. In addition, office digital signage can also show the use of each conference room and hospitality room, so that employees can understand the situation of each conference room and meeting room to avoid conflicts.

    Increasing staff's sense of belonging to the organization

    Office digital signage can increasing staff's sense of belonging to the organization

    Through the office digital signage to the employees in the enterprise to show the company activities, celebrate the staff birthday, congratulate the team success, as well as notices of group building activities and other content, to show employees a good company atmosphere. This helps to strengthen the relationship between employees and the organization and creates a good company culture.

    Displaying company KPI in a data-driven format

    In order to motivate the various departments as well as employees of the company, many managers display the sales volume and project progress of the company in office digital signage. It allows each employee to understand the latest progress of the company’s projects as well as the goals and to adjust their requirements according to the company’s goals and motivate their work.

    Providing relief information in emergency situations

    Another important role of office digital signage is to inform the people in the organization during emergencies such as earthquakes and fires. It also provides information on the nearest safe passage and other rescue information to maximize the safety of personnel.

    Asianda can fulfill all your office digital signage needs

    A timely messaging and favorable work environment can give employees a stronger sense of belonging to the company. Asianda has extensive experience in digital signage solutions. If you are looking for office digital signage manufacturer, you can contact us by sending email. We know what digital signage players can do for a business. Based on our past successes, we can quickly provide reliable solutions according to your needs and the usage of office digital signage, which can help your company’s message delivery and publicity effect efficiency. Moreover, we can also provide customized office digital signage products to ensure that each office digital signage can be matched with offices in business, education, transportation and other industries.

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