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Why lcd tv vs led tv can show different effects

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    When buying a TV or when choosing a TV as a digital signage software, are you hesitating between lcd tv vs led tv. In this article, we will explain you the differences between lcd tv vs led tv.

    What is LCD TV

    What is LCD TV

    LCD TV is a televison that uses liquid crystal panels for its display screen. And it is the mainstream television in the market today.

    What is LED TV

    LED TV is also a kind of TV. It is different from LED TV in that it uses semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices called light-emitting diodes to produce light in colors such as red, yellow, green, and white. However, LED TV is also based on the technology of LCD TV. Led screen is not only used in television sets, but also used in outdoor LED signs, laptop computers and other display devices.

    Which is better lcd tv vs led tv

    lcd tv vs led tv each has its own advantages. If you want to know which one is more suitable for you, it should be analyzed specifically according to the actual application requirements.

    Which is better lcd tv vs led tv


    If you compare lcd tv vs led tv on the aspect of price, LCD televison will be much more favorable than LED TV. This is because led is based on the innovative and better technology of LCD technology. And LCD technology is more mature, so the price will be relatively favorable. So if it is a limited budget project, LCD televison is a good choice.

    Visualization effect

    LED televison can provide better image quality to the viewers. The technology used in led displays can measure the color of the screen selectively and quickly, shortening the response time to produce a high quality picture. In addition, LED televison has a wider viewing angle, providing viewers with a clearer presentation of content at all viewing angles.


    With the same screen size of lcd tv vs led tv, LED TV with light emitting diode is more energy saving than LCD TV. Moreover, the average lifetime of a led display is double that of an LCD display.


    Light emitting diodes are smaller than fluorescent lamps, which is why LED is thinner than LCD. In other words, it can be adapted to more application scenarios that require more space for use.

    What is the different lcd tv vs led tv

    What is the different lcd tv vs led tv

    Overall, lcd tv vs led tv differs in terms of display effect, screen brightness, contrast ratio, energy consumption and so on. However, the difference between lcd tv vs led tv mainly lies in the different technologies used to project the content on the display.

    Different technologies make the viewers get different visual effects. One of the differences between lcd tv vs led tv is that LCD TV generally uses CCFL to provide illumination, whereas LED TV projects the picture onto the display through light guides. This is one of the reasons why the screen of a LED TV looks better than the screen of an LCD TV.

    Factors to consider before buying TV

    Size of the screen

    If you are using it for displaying advertisements, the bigger the screen of the TV, the more it will attract the attention of the viewers. However, it is also important to pay attention to the distance between the viewer and the lcd tv vs led tv. If the screen is too large and too close to the viewer, from the viewer’s perspective, it may appear that the field of view does not encompass the entire content of the screen. This is to say that the viewer may not be able to get the complete information displayed on the screen at a glance. Therefore, it is important to consider the distance between the viewer and the TV screen to choose the right size screen so that the viewer can get the most complete information with the best visual effect.

    Picture quality requirements

    You can compare lcd tv vs led tv from the display screen of the tv. If your viewer is facing the screen or not far from the screen, you can consider LCD TV. But if the perspective of the viewer is more remote, the LED TV would be a better choice. This is because LCD TV will change the picture if it is viewed at a more oblique angle or from a distance. Thus, you can envision which angle your viewer will be viewing from, the distance from the TV, the picture quality effect you want to present, and so on.


    Application is one of the factors to consider before buying TV

    Many companies use TV as an electronic signage for promotional purposes. In addition to viewing TV programs, if you want to use your TV as digital message boards or other digital signage, you need to consider whether the device has Bluetooth or other functions that allow you to transfer the content you want to display to the device.

    Budget cost

    The cost of lcd tv vs led tv is different and hence you can also buy it according to your budget. If you have a higher budget, you can go for LED TV if you require high picture quality clarity, contrast etc. If you have a lower budget then LCD TV can also be good for your content display needs.

    Can lcd tv vs led tv be used for digital signage

    lcd tv vs led tv can be used as digital signage to display what you want to display. Many companies use TVs to display brand messages, product promotions, anniversary events and other activities to the public in stores, mall entrances and other places. If you want to use TV as a digital signage, you can use the software to create the text and video that you want to promote. After creating the content, you can transfer the content to lcd tv vs led tv and it will be ready for display. If you have any doubts during the operation, you can contact us for technical support.


    With the development of technology and updated products, many people compare lcd tv vs led tv. In different scenarios, the applicable equipment will be different. This is why you should choose the best equipment in lcd tv vs led tv according to your actual needs to ensure that the project keeps running.

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