LCD display vs LED display in 7 differences

LCD display vs LED display in 7 differences

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    With the advancement of technology, LCD display and LED display are widely used in smart city, TV, dynamic digital signage and other devices. Whether you are choosing a cell phone, tablet, computer or any other electronic device, the type of screen is always one of the factors that consumers are concerned about. What is the difference between LCD display vs LED display? In this article, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of the differences between LCD display vs LED display.

    Are LCD display vs LED display the same thing?

    Are LCD display vs LED display the same thing

    Although they are both displays, they are different types of displays. In addition, in terms of picture presentation, color performance, cost, application, and other aspects, there are differences. LCD displays mainly align liquid crystal molecules by means of voltage. As a result, the way light passes through the liquid crystal layer changes, which in turn displays different colors and images. It is widely used in TV screens, computer screens, and cell phone screens. While LED display mainly has traditional LED display and OLED display. Its screen display technology is made of light-emitting diodes. General used in outdoor LED signs, large displays, high-end TV.

    Difference between LCD display vs LED display

    Difference in light-emitting principle

    LCD screens need to be illuminated by a backlight source in order to visualize the image. The liquid crystal material will change the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules under the action of voltage, thus presenting the audience with different color images. LED screen does not need to rely on additional light sources, it has a large number of LED lamp beads, each lamp bead can be alone to light, so as to provide colorful images.

    Differences in color rendering

    Differences in color rendering between LCD display vs LED display

    In terms of the color of the screen, there is a difference in the rendering effect due to the difference in the working principle of the two screens. LCD screens that rely on the backlight layer to emit light are relatively limited in their color performance because the liquid crystal layer cannot completely block light. The LED screen can control the brightness and color of each small light bead, which can present users with highly reproducible color colors for pictures and videos.

    Difference in response speed

    Because of the difference between LCD display vs LED display, LED can display images faster.
    If you are displaying a moving picture or animation, there will be little or no shading. In the case of an LCD screen, it takes a certain amount of time for the liquid crystal molecules to be aligned.

    Differences in viewing angles

    The viewing angle of a large LCD screen is relatively limited. When the audience from the side of the device or a relatively tilted angle to view the screen content, the screen display may appear distorted, color changes and so on. The LED screen is more enough to provide a wider viewing angle, and in different viewing angles under the color change is smaller. Therefore, in the installation of lcd tv vs led tv or electronic signage and other equipment, according to the viewing angle of the audience need to adjust the installation position of the equipment.

    Differences in energy efficiency

    Differences in energy efficiency between LCD display vs LED display

    LCD screens that rely on backlighting are less efficient because they require full backlighting even to render dark patterns. LED screens use less energy because they are able to turn off pixels when dark colors are displayed. Under the same conditions of screen size, brightness, and display screen, the more efficient is the LED screen, which is ideal for users who want to save the most energy.

    Differences in cost

    The larger the size of the display, the higher the purchase cost. As a relatively new technology, LED display screens are more expensive when compared to LCD monitors in terms of cost. In addition to the use of technologies such as IPS panels and side-light backlighting, its production process is relatively complex. Mature production technology LCD display screen is suitable for mass production, the cost is lower.

    Differences in application environments

    LED screens with advantages in brightness and contrast levels are suitable for outdoor environments such as commercial digital signage, open-air large screens or scenes with high brightness. If you want to use it for indoor viewing, you can choose LCD display. It can meet your needs for clear picture effects.

    LCD display vs LED display - Who can win in the field of digital signage?

    In order to make digital signage better able to provide highly effective advertising for the projects of our clients, we offer customized products for users in different industries. These two types of screens can meet the needs of different users for digital signage display screens. So when choosing between LCD display vs LED display, we have to consider the placement of the digital signage, the viewing angle of the audience, the effect of the content display and other aspects to make a choice.

    If you can tell us about your project needs, we can quickly provide you with the appropriate solutions. As a professional digital signage manufacturer, we can provide the most matching type of electronic signage, the most suitable display, and the most cost-effective solution according to the use of digital signage by clients in different industries. It helps to ensure that your digital signage can provide good visual effects for viewers and promote the effectiveness of advertisement.


    LCD display vs LED display is usually used in digital signage solutions to help users display product information or play video promotions in both indoor and outdoor places. Both of these two types of displays can meet the needs of different users for different application scenarios. With the differences described above, you can choose the most suitable type of display screen according to your actual needs to ensure that the device can provide the best visual effect for your users. If you need to know more about LCD display vs LED display for digital signage, please feel free to contact us by email.

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