Detailed introduction on how to install digital signage

How to install digital signage? Detailed introduction

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    As one of the tools for advertising and content promotion, digital signage has been widely used in our daily life. Whether in the office, elevator, school, or parks, intersections and other places, you can see digital signage everywhere. However, how to install digital signage to enable users can see the content of the digital signage, let the digital signage to play a maximum role in order to attract the attention of people? In this article, we will tell you some tips aboout install digital signage and the related precautions.

    How to install digital signage?

    How to install digital signage

    Determining the location of the digital signage

    This is the first step in installing digital signage. If you need to install digital signage such as programmable digital signs in the air or in a high position, you can do so with the help of brackets. If it is a small digital display, you can mount it on a wall or stand it on a table depending on your application.

    Installing the digital signage

    Once you have completed the previous step and have the bracket in place you are ready to install the screen. After marking the position with the tool, align the monitor with the marked position. Then use the tool to secure the display in place. If you are not sure whether the position of the digital sign is parallel or not, you can find the position with the help of a level.

    Installing the line

    After completing the installation of the equipment, connect the screen to the power, signal, network and other lines. In this process, pay attention to the management of each line. This will make it easier to operate the digital signage during subsequent inspection and maintenance.

    Powering up and testing the advertiser

    After installing the device and connecting the line, you can start the digital signage to test it. You need to check whether the screen is able to display the content, whether the network is connected successfully, whether other functions are abnormal and so on. After confirming that the equipment is correctly installed, adjust the brightness, contrast and other parameters of the screen as needed to ensure that the screen can display the best effect of the picture.

    Where should you install digital signage?

    Where should you install digital signage

    The way digital signage is installed has a great connection with the display effect. For example, in which position to put the outdoor LED signs will be viewed by more customers, where to put the touchable advertising machine will attract more users to visit and so on. If the location is not placed correctly, the electronic signage will not be able to maximize its effect.

    Digital signage should be placed where customers can easily see it. For example, on the cash register of the store, in the product shelves, in the dining table and other places where customers can notice. Of course, the use is different, the advertising machine placed in different places. If it is used for instructions, then the digital signage is placed more at intersections, building entrances, service counters, security channels and other places.

    The reason why there are different installation methods is to be able to provide users with easier access to information in specific application scenarios. There is also the ability to better utilize the use of digital signage, allowing more people to see what is being displayed on the screen, providing visibility to the business as well as sales. Before installing digital signage, you can tell your demands with the team or the manufacturer. It is important to get a proper planning and layout. It can make the digital signage to be in the place where it can be noticed to achieve the best effects.

    FAQ about install digital signage

    FAQ about install digital signage

    What tools required for install digital signage

    Installing digital signage generally involves the use of drills, screwdrivers, ladders, levels, cables, and a number of other tools. Depending on the type of digital signage, there are different ways of installation. There are also some differences in the specific tools used. A bracket is indispensable if you want to mount the device on a wall or hang it in the air. It can make sure that the device can be fixed in one position.

    How much does it cost to install digital signage?

    This can only be determined based on the specific digital signage player, installation location and other factors. Among other things, the cost of installation is directly related to the quantity of equipment. The higher the quantity, the higher the cost of installation. However, the actual cost has to be calculated based on the project as well as the needs. If you want to know in detail, you can contact us, we will tell you the cost of installation according to the actual needs of the project.

    How long does it take to install digital signage?

    The installation time of digital signage player is determined by the location of the installation, the type of equipment, the complexity of the equipment system and the number of displays. A typical installation can be completed in just a few hours. If the number of digital signage software is large, the installation will take several days.

    Notes on install digital signage

    Notes on install digital signage

    Install digital signage needs to pay attention to the installation of the device itself and the internal setup of the device. Only after the digital signage itself and the internal parts are installed can you make sure that the device can function properly. After installing the device, you can also add other accessories such as awnings and covers to protect the device depending on the scenario of the application.

    To sum up

    The process of install digital signage may seem tedious, but doing it correctly ensures that the equipment works properly and enhances the display. Simply follow the installation manual provided by the digital signage manufacturer to successfully install the equipment. Of course, if you need support during the installation process, you can contact us for tips of how to install digital signage.

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