A detailed guide about how to maintain digital signage

How to maintain digital signage? A detailed guide

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    The use of digital signage in various industries not only helps companies to disseminate information, but also promotes the sale of products. It is a point of confusion for industrial users to know how to maintain digital signage to ensure that the digital signage is able to display the content in the best possible way. Regular maintenance of the electronic advertising machine can not only ensure the display effect of the equipment, but also extend the service life of the electronic signage.

    Why it is important to know how to maintain digital signage?

    Why it is important to know how to maintain digital signage

    The regular maintenance of digital signage not only ensures that the best displays are shown to the masses, but also saves costs for businesses as well as organizations.

    Saving costs for maintenance and replacement of equipment

    Both programmable digital signs and digital message boards require regular maintenance. Through regular maintenance of digital player signs, the potential problems of the device can be identified and solved in a timely manner, avoiding the cost of repairing or even replacing the device due to its adverse effect on the completion of the device.

    Reducing your digital signage downtime

    A constantly running digital signage can advertise merchandise for a business in order to promote product transactions and increase sales for the business. It is important to keep track of the status of your digital signage to ensure that the equipment is able to continue to display informative content. It helps to avoid downtime due to malfunctions that may affect the advertising operations of your business.

    Keeping equipment performance in the best possible condition

    Why is it so important to maintain electronic signage? It is because with the use of time, the equipment will receive humidity, dust and other influences, and these factors will make the display effect of the equipment cause adverse effects. For example, the screen becomes dark, the display content is obscured by smudges, or even the screen malfunctions and fails to present the content. Maintaining and inspecting digital signage can prevent or promptly address similar problems with the equipment, ensuring that the display screen is able to consistently show clear content.

    Maintaining the image of a company

    Maintaining digital signage can keep equipment performance in the best possible condition

    If you are on the roadside or indoors, you see a company’s digital signage playing a video promotion of its products. But the surface of the digital signage is covered with dust and the screen is dim and flickering, how would you feel? This kind of situation will not only make users give up watching the content, but also may make users leave a bad impression on the brand. Therefore, it is important to regularly master how to maintain digital signage, so that you can maintain the electronic advertising machine in the right way and maintain a good image in the minds of users.

    Tips for how to maintain digital signage

    Cleaning digital signage

    Regular cleaning of digital signage is the most basic of the how to maintain digital signage methods. Although digital signage is waterproof and can be dried by wind when the screen encounters water. However, water stains and visitors’ fingerprints may remain on the surface of the device. These stains can be cleaned by using a clean cloth or sponge with a special cleaner. Washing the electronic signage on a regular basis will keep the casing and the screen clean and tidy. When cleaning the device, be careful not to use water or corrosive or acidic detergents to avoid damage to the screen.

    Tips for how to maintain digital signage

    Cleaning dust from digital signage player

    A long time using will accumulate some dust on the surface of the electronic signage. Especially outdoor LED signage, which is installed in streets, bus stops, parks and other outdoor environments, it is easier for the dust in the air to be attached to the screen, the shell and the internal parts. After a long time of sun exposure and wind blowing, the dust accumulated by the display is likely to affect the display effect of the content. Therefore, regular dust cleaning of electronic billboards can ensure the effect of product display and video promotion, and provide users with good visual effects. If it is the internal parts of the equipment, you need to use a soft-bristled brush to gently sweep away the dust attached to the surface.

    Upgrading software on a regular basis

    Top digital signage companies will upgrade their digital signage software to fix system bugs or increase system features to better suit the application scenarios. Moreover, regular software upgrades also play an important role in data preservation and backup.

    Taking preventative measures

    Arguably the most important step in how to maintain digital signage is to have a preventative program for your digital signage. If there are extreme weather conditions such as persistent rainstorms or dust storms in the future, you can take precautions to protect your equipment. If you would like to know more about protective measures for digital signage, you can contact us. In addition, by inspecting your equipment, you can identify any problems that may exist in a timely manner. Timely replacement of parts and good records can effectively reduce the possibility of equipment failure, as well as to do a good job of equipment problems when the countermeasures to minimize the loss.

    Precautions for maintaining digital signage

    Precautions for maintaining digital signage

    When performing maintenance on the equipment, one of the most important operations is to turn off the power to ensure the safety of subsequent maintenance operations. Cleaning tools to use a special cloth for digital screens as well as a special cleaner to wipe the screen stains as well as dust. When wiping the screen, wipe gently and do not exert too much pressure on the display. At the same time, be careful not to get water and other liquids into the interior of the device, and keep the internal parts dry.


    With regular maintenance, you can maximize the performance and extend the life of your equipment. This article is mainly designed to help you understand how to maintain digital signage skills to ensure that the digital signage used in your project is able to provide you with the best performance as well as display for your content presentation.

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