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Asianda, a gas station digital signage manufacturer, provides gas station owners with a solution that can increase upsales by 50%!

Asianda Gas Station Digital Signage Solution

With the advent of the digital age, more and more gas station owners are looking for a more suitable advertising display method: digital signage at gas stations. Gas stations digital signage can promote in-store sales at a relatively low cost and in a controllable manner, and can also design diversified promotional incentive programs. At the same time, it can provide years of continuous and reliable service under any weather conditions, making it a cost-effective product.

Gas station digital signage solution - Asianda

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The most comprehensive project guide for gas stations digital signage

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    Asianda gas station digital signage can display brand pictures or videos, gasoline prices, promotions, etc.

    This guide will walk you through choosing the right gas station digital signage hardware from a variety of Asianda products, as well as how to create eye-catching content in CMS software and remotely update the hardware you purchase.

    If you would like an experienced Asianda digital signage display supplier to help you find the solution you need faster, you can leave your contact information or send an email to [email protected]

    First, here are some things to double check when you choose the gas station digital signage advertising solution for your business

    FAQ about gas stations digital signage

    1. Where in your gas station would you like to install digital signage?

    Digital signage can help increase visibility and awareness, and end customers want to increase sales and funds, so they want to use it for promotions, showcasing upcoming events, special offers, etc.
    • So where should my gas station digital signage be installed?

    2. What kind of information is displayed on the digital signage at the gas station?

    Asianda gas station digital signage provides pictures, videos, text messages, online videos and other displays.
    You just need to simply play your various information?
    Or a more advanced advertising playback solution that sells advertising time by time period?
    Different needs have different solutions. For more detailed needs, you can find the Asiada team to improve your experience.

    3. Do you need to remotely control CMS software?

    In order to improve operational efficiency, Asianda gas station digital signage solution can provide local network, WIFI and long-distance remote control, thereby reducing local signage update costs.

    4. What are the competitive advantages of Asianda gas station digital signage?

    Asianda has 14 years of experience in digital signage solutions, so rich experience can help you avoid some problems.

    Professional Asiada sales staff are available to meet you directly to provide the best service and advice.
    Inventory systems can help you shorten delivery times.

    A R&D team with more than 10 years of experience can be a strong support for your business and provide fast and good customized services. More than 8000 square meters of factory can provide fast production time and space.

    5. Do you need flexible advice and customized services?

    Asianda enables highly customizable and flexible digital signage solutions to meet different gas station requirements based on different audiences and demographics.

    Small MOQs make it easier to connect with customers on a more personal level and increase interaction with local markets.

    Gas Station Digital Signage Waterproof

    6. Is it a waterproof solution or does it not require waterproofing?

    About 80% of digital signage at gas stations is used in outdoor environments. But you should weigh the advantages of a waterproof screen combo against an indoor display that’s not waterproof.

    The ordinary waterproof case is a protective case that can well protect signs operating in outdoor environments even on rainy days.

    7. Is it a common solution for gas station digital signage or a new solution?

    Some gas stations are looking for slim, high-brightness waterproof signage solutions.

    The ordinary solution requires a thermal air duct to be reserved in front of the screen, so the whole machine is relatively heavy, but the initial purchase cost is low and after-sales maintenance is easy in the future.

    If you keep the screen and case separate, you can usually just repair or replace the screen if something goes wrong.
    The new solution can dissipate screen heat from the front, reduce the thickness of the entire machine, and make the design slimmer. However, the initial purchase cost and subsequent maintenance costs are higher.

    Gas station digital signage in different sizes

    8. Large size, small size or customized size?

    Based on the actual scenario, usage, budget, and combined with the company’s products, Asianda provides 21.5-inch to 86-inch LCD gas station digital signage solutions, or customized long-screen displays, as well as LED display solutions.

    If you need to match the existing shell selection, you need to provide the structural drawing of the shell.

    9. For outdoor gas station digital signage, ordinary panels or high TNI panels?

    The maximum operating temperature of ordinary high-brightness screens is 60 degrees Celsius.
    The maximum operating temperature of the high-TNI high-brightness screen is 80 degrees Celsius.
    If the maximum temperature throughout the year is high or the direct sunlight hours are long in high latitudes, or if the quality requirements are high and the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to choose the high TNI solution.

    10. Overall gas station digital signage or open framework solution?

    For us, there is no big difference in time and cost between producing a complete machine or an open frame solution.
    If you don’t have an old casing, you can purchase the entire machine directly or customize the appearance of the entire machine.
    If you need an embedded solution, you can purchase an open frame solution. Of course, this requires communicating more details to ensure that our gas station digital signage solution can be installed smoothly.

    11. Outdoor gas station digital signage, IP65 or IP67?

    If you ask me which one is better, IP65 or IP67, there is no doubt that it is IP67.
    But for advertising machines set up in public activity areas, is IP67 necessary?
    First of all, we need to understand that IP67 means “waterproof level 7 means that the product can be immersed in still water at a depth of 0.15 to 1 meter for 30 minutes, but is not suitable for long-term immersion.”

    In fact, all we need to consider in daily life is rain splashing and heavy rain hitting the equipment. Then IP65 is enough. After all, if there is a flood, the advertising machine cannot only be soaked for 30 minutes.
    Of course, more importantly, the cost of IP65 is more appropriate and practical.

    HDMI input or built-in operating system

    12. HDMI input or built-in operating system?

    There is no problem with either solution, as long as you inform the requirements in advance and then configure the appropriate solution.

    Only for some customers who are willing to buy or want to enter the gas station digital signage industry. If you are unable to confirm which products are available for purchase.

    We can provide 7 common gas station digital signage suggestions for reference.

    1. Outdoor gas station digital information kiosk

    Outdoor gas station digital information kiosk

    Gas station convenience stores are key locations. Many people fill up their tanks at gas stations, pay for snacks at convenience stores, and continue on their way.

    As the only way to go to the gas station, setting up a gas station digital information kiosk here can make the gas station stand out from the competition, attract repeat customers, and can also invest in a lot of advertising.

    2.Gas station self-service payment machine

    Gas station self-service payment machine

    Labor costs are getting higher and higher, and more and more merchants will adopt self-service payment methods.
    Interactive touch screen signage allows customers to pay bills, access information, promotions and other interactive activities by using the gas station digital signage touch screen.

    3. Gas station store menu board

    Gas station store menu board

    Digital menu boards at gas stations display menus and prices, as well as special promotions at convenience stores.
    Asianda Digital Signage CMS software supports remote control of any number of signs, be it one or multiple, across all gas stations.

    Display information can be easily changed in batches, even if you’re just in an office away from gas station signage.

    4. Indoor digital signage at gas stations

    Indoor digital signage at gas stations

    Indoor wall-mounted digital signage will be installed on the wall of a convenience store or lobby.

    5. Outdoor stretch bar refueling machine digital signage

    Outdoor stretch bar refueling machine digital signage

    The top of the dispenser may require some double-sided display stretch strip signage solution.
    It’s perfect for grabbing the attention of potential customers when they stop to refuel.

    6. Gas station car wash waterproof booth

    Gas station car wash waterproof booth

    Set up outside the self-service car wash at the gas station and in the internal test channel, the bright display with waterproof function is conducive to the display of the advertising machine during the self-service car wash.

    7. Large-size LED screen in gas station

    Large-size LED screen in gas station

    Dynamic price and advertising displays can be integrated into digital signage and displayed via high-brightness waterproof LED screens. This type of gas station digital signage can help make some large display area solutions for different requirements.

    About Asianda Digital Signage Solutions

    What's next?

    Once we figure out where we need to put digital signage at our gas stations, what do we need to do next?
    We have so many plans that it can be hard to decide which plan is right for you. So leave it to the Asianda team to help you choose the right solution.

    What kind of extraordinary experience can cooperation with Asianda bring you?

    Customer survey results show that gas stations digital signage is effective in advertising.

    • 57% increase in foot traffic
    • Interaction rate increased by 27%
    • The final transaction result increased by 22%

    Why Choose Us

    Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

    Certified Product

    Asianda digital signage displays have a series of product patents and software copyrights, and have complete qualifications.

    High Quality Materials

    We only use original A+ panels from industry benchmarks such as Samsung, LG, Chimei, AUO, and BOE.

    Professional Team

    Asianda's digital signage display team has a number of independent core technologies and a series of product patents and software copyrights.

    On Time Delivery

    With professional logistics and distribution, we can ship the equipment to your local port on time.

    Quick Response

    Asianda sales and technical team will provide pre-sales consultation and after-sales service 24/7.

    One Year Warranty

    Asianda, a digital signage supplier, promises free repairs for product quality problems within one year.

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