Can digital signs use as digital white boards

Can digital signs use as digital white boards

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    What is digital white boards

    With the advancement of technology, many schools have replaced the traditional blackboards with digital white boards to display lectures to students, deliver campus announcements and other information. Apart from that, digital white boards can also be used as dynamic digital signage to broadcast different messages in a dynamic form in office buildings, commercial buildings and other scenarios.

    Digital white boards are a combination of traditional blackboards and technology which can support users to connect their devices to the Internet in order to display real-time data from computers, projectors and other devices. It can also allows you to synchronize the playback of content. With a finger or a special pen, users can display content, write text, mark key points, erase text and images on the screen of the device.

    What is digital white boards

    The features of digital white boards

    Contents are visualized

    Just as digital displays for retail show the prices of products in a store, you can display static as well as dynamic content on digital white boards. Especially for graphs or data, it is possible to show the viewer the process of change in a dynamic form that is easy to understand. At the same time, it can capture the attention of the audience and immerse them in the content.

    Text can be edited

    You can drag, edit, and mark up the content of the digital white boards screen with your finger or with the professional pen of the device. You can add text by writing, or erase it by selecting the eraser tool or specific gestures.

    Multiple people can participate in meetings remotely

    Even if the team members are not in the same place, they can participate in the meeting through digital white boards for brainstorming or work report. They can send out their ideas and expressions through voice, text, and emoticons.

    Teaching becomes intelligent

    Digital white boards are popular in the education industry. Apart from being used for displaying classroom materials, it can also be used to publicize campus events, announcements, and so on. It can also be used as office digital signage so that organizations of all sizes can train new recruits on the company’s product information, company culture and growth history. Moreover, the device also supports playback for the users to go back to the knowledge points at any time.

    The content security is guaranteed

    The administrator of the digital white boards can set up access to the equipment, and decide whether or not to allow access to take screenshots or video recordings. This function ensures that the content displayed on the screen is not leaked maliciously, thus protecting the security of the content.

    The difference between smartboard and digital whiteboard

    The difference between smartboard and digital whiteboard

    These two devices are commonly used in education as well as in the business industry, and both support connectivity with smart devices such as computers and cell phones in order to display text, pictures, or videos. However, there is a slight difference in their functionality. Compared to digital white boards, smartboards support advanced features such as handwriting recognition and the ability to touch multiple parts of the screen at once. But digital white boards also support combining with other devices to meet your functionality needs of the device.

    What is the best digital white boards

    Our digital white boards come in a variety of types so as to meet the different needs of different users for their equipment. In other words, each type of digital white board has its own most compatible usage. When choosing a device, you can select the digital white boards type, size, features and screen clarity based on the application scenario of the device. The best digital whiteboard is the one that is selected based on your specific needs and the environment in which it will be used. Moreover, you can also consult multiple digital white boards manufacturers for product comparison to get the best solution.

    On the one hand, a good digital whiteboard can increase the rate of correctness when delivering information, allowing the audience to access information content with a high degree of accuracy. On the other hand, it can also facilitate the connection between users of the equipment by allowing real-time content interaction and remote communication.

    Can I use digital signage as digital white boards

    Can I use digital signage as digital white boards

    Even though the primary uses of digital signage and digital white boards differ, digital signage can be used as digital white boards under certain circumstances. For example, your digital signage is compatible with the white board software and it is one of the most important factors. If your device can not support the white board software, you may not be able to use the functions of digital white boards.

    Then, you can confirm whether your digital signage player to be touch enabled or not. The most notable use of digital white boards is that they allow users to write and mark directly on the screen. Many companies would use digital white boards in meetings to keep track of the ideas as well as suggestions made by the participants for subsequent organization.

    For education, if you want to use digital signage as digital white boards, you may need to make sure that the device works with accessories such as cameras and microphones. These accessories help teachers to record lectures and upload them to schools and networks for more people to learn. And compared to traditional blackboards, the rich form of content and vivid images in digital whiteboards can better focus students’ attention and increase their attention to the classroom.


    Digital white boards combine the functionality of traditional blackboards with the functionality of smart devices to provide users with content display while also providing the ability to interact with remote users. In this way, it breaks the geographical limitation between users and enables synchronized interaction.

    Compared to traditional blackboards, digital white boards can provide an unlimited canvas as well as multiple colors for marking. Moreover, the electronic device can reduce the physical supplies needed for writing, reduce dust caused by chalk, and also reduce costs. If you are looking for digital white boards solutions for your classroom, meeting, team project, or other, feel free to get in touch with us.

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