Why are digital posters better than paper in many ways

Why is digital poster better than paper in many ways

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    What is digital poster?

    What is digital poster

    Like traditional posters, digital poster is a tool used to display information to users. However, with the development of information technology, digital poster displayed on the electronic screen gradually replaces the position of paper poster with the advantages of displaying high-definition picture and playing dynamic content. It is widely used in enterprises and stores for anniversary events, festivals, countdowns, product promotions and so on.

    Why do I need digital posters?

    Have you seen the digital posters from different companies in places like bus stop signs, elevators, parks, and other spaces? One of the reasons most businesses use digital posters nowadays is because they know that they convey information faster than hard brushed posters. Managers can manage the placement of digital posters on digital displays without the need to change them on site. Moreover, the display time of the poster can be adjusted according to the actual effect. On the other hand, the display effect of digital posters can be more attention by passing people. Because it is able to display high-definition content, which gives people an immersive feeling.

    How much does a digital poster cost?

    How much does a digital poster cost

    Are you looking for a high quality digital poster or digital poster solution for your project? The cost of a digital poster is related to the type of display screen, its size, additional features and other factors. The bigger the screen of the digital poster, the higher the cost will be. If you would like to request a quotation for a particular digital poster, you can contact us with the specific model you would like to inquire about. If you do not have the corresponding solution, you can tell us your budget and requirements. We will provide you with the most cost-effective digital poster solution according to the specific requirements.

    How do I make a digital poster?

    Determining the content of the digital poster

    Before making the poster, determine the use of the poster, text, pictures and other content. For example, combining the features of the product with the needs of the users, combining the content with pictures and videos so that the content displayed in the e-poster can attract the attention of the users. It is one of the tips of designing attractive posters to carefully consider factors such as typography and content.

    Creating the poster that you want

    You can create the poster layout, content, and images that you want to publish in digital signage software, which has templates provided for your reference as well as choice. In addition to the software for your device, you can also create posters through Photoshop, Canva and other software for PC. You can also choose fonts and styles that match your brand’s style to create.

    How do I make a digital poster

    uploading and displaying the poster on devices

    After completing the creation of the content and checking to make sure that the content is correct, the file is uploaded to the dynamic digital signage, small digital billboard and other devices. You can adjust the order, time and number of times the digital posters are displayed, and then the posters are ready to be displayed to the public.

    What is the difference between poster and digital poster?

    Originally, posters were mainly used to advertise power and theater performances. They were printed on paper and pasted on walls or distributed manually to solicit audiences. Compared to traditional poster, digital poster has more visual impact. Through the realistic picture and animation display, it can attract the pedestrians to notice the content displayed in the poster and leave a deep impression.

    Another point is that the publicity efficiency of digital poster is more efficient. E-posters do not require much poster maintenance. And it can be modified and replaced through remote management of the poster content, without the need to reprint. In addition to improving the efficiency of publicity, it also reduces the cost of printing and distributing posters.

    Why are digital posters better?

    Why are digital posters better

    The ability to display personalized content

    Digital poster enables brands to create branded poster content. The design can be augmented with patterns, icons, and animations to increase the richness and aesthetics of the poster content. Moreover, displaying dynamic content is a feature that traditional posters cannot provide. The display of dynamic content can play a great role in attracting the attention of users and making an impression. Because the digital poster has the realistic picture that the traditional poster does not have, it can give the user a sense of impact of the picture.

    More convenient operation

    Digital poster allows you to make changes to the content of the poster or to replace the poster through remote management. In the case of paper posters, it is necessary to print and paste the poster, which is extremely time-consuming.

    Increasing interaction with the user

    The digital poster is able to interact with the user through the screen. For example, punch cards, scanning QR codes, and following social media accounts. Some digital posters also allow users to upload customized messages and images. At the same time, the screen acts as a digital message boards, displaying and scrolling the messages of user. It greatly enhances user engagement.

    Providing a more environmentally friendly way of publicizing

    There is no doubt that printing posters requires a lot of paper and ink. And, when an event is over or a new promotion is launched, the original posters need to be replaced. This means that the original posters have to be scrapped. This is not the case with digital posters. By using computer software or digital signage software, a new poster can be designed, uploaded to the device and displayed. Therefore, digital posters are more environmentally friendly.


    Digital poster provides businesses with advertising and marketing options that can increase awareness and reduce costs. If you want to create a digital poster for your project that will increase brand awareness and boost sales of your products, please free to contact us by email for the best digital poster products and solutions for your project.

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