Can digital picture be displayed on digital signage

Can digital picture be displayed on digital signage

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    What is meant by digital picture?

    What is meant by digital picture

    What is digital picture? A digital picture is a picture that is taken by the devices we use every day, such as cell phones, tablets, and digital cameras. At the same time, the pictures you see while reading this article are also digital pictures. In contrast to traditional paper photos, digital pictures are photos that are stored or displayed electronically. You can copy a picture from a USB flash drive or upload it to another electronic device via Bluetooth. You can also share digital pictures to digital signage, best digital frame and other devices for display.

    How is digital picture different from normal photo?

    There are differences between digital pictures and ordinary photos in terms of taking, storing and sharing. Digital pictures are easier to share and display than traditional photos, but traditional photos are still valued in the art world because of their texture and hidden meaning. Below is a brief description of the differences between how photos are displayed and how they are stored.

    The difference in the way they are displayed: One of the differences between a regular photo and a digital picture is the way they are displayed. A normal photo needs to be printed out before it can be shared with others. A digital picture can be transferred to a friend’s or partner’s cell phone, computer, digital photo frame, or other electronic device via the Internet or Bluetooth.

    The difference of storage method: A digital picture can be stored as a file on a computer, cell phone, USB flash drive, or cloud drive. Traditional photos are usually stored in the form of paper photos or films, which need to be printed to be viewed. And traditional photos are prone to moisture and color fading. In the case of electronic photos, as long as you make sure to back up your photos, they are generally not easy to lose.

    How do you place your digital picture on a digital signage?

    How do you place your digital picture on a digital signage

    Have you ever seen the office digital signage of a business with a scrolling company photo? Have you also seen the transparent display in stores that also show pictures of products? If you also want to display your digital photo in your digital signage player, then read on for the steps.

    1. The first step is to select the digital picture you want to show. You can choose the appropriate photos to display according to your preference or the purpose of the digital photo. If it is used for restaurant digital signage, then we can choose the appearance of the restaurant, various types of dishes in kind, the restaurant has organized activities such as pictures to display. On the one hand, it can show users the image of the restaurant and the strength of the restaurant. On the other hand, it can attract potential users who pass by in front of the restaurant and promote the increase of turnover.
    2. The second step is to log in to the backend of the digital signage and edit the images. No matter which kind of digital signage playback content you create, you need to pass the content and transfer the content to the device. After logging into the background management of the device, you can select your photos for editing. For example, you can put several digital photos side by side, or arrange different digital pictures according to your layout. Of course, if you only want to show one digital picture, that’s fine too. You can adjust the size and dimensions of the picture to make sure that the digital picture appears in its entirety on the display.
    3. The third step is to set the broadcasting time of the digital picture. Once your digital picture has been edited and saved in your device, you can set the order and time for the picture to play. In other words, you can play your digital photo according to the actual flow of people or at a fixed point in time, so that the product pictures can be better viewed.
    4. The fourth step is to optimize the digital picture regularly. After the picture has been played for a period of time, you can check the actual playing effect of the digital picture through the data provided by the electronic signage. If you need to replace the digital picture or modify the original digital photo, you don’t need to go to the front of the device, through remote management, you can realize the replacement of the digital picture. Regular photo optimization not only provides users with the latest product information, but also attracts more buyers with new pictures.

    The role of digital picture in digital signage

    The role of digital picture in digital signage

    As we all know, digital signage is one of the media that can display text, pictures, videos and other contents. If you use digital signage for product promotion, imagine if the content in the display is all text, can you make sure that users will read every word? Digital picture is different. A picture allows the user to quickly capture the appearance of the product. You can also use the editing of the image to create a picture that grabs the user’s attention. At the same time, combining the advantages of the product’s strengths with the picture also enables the viewer to understand what this product can do in a short period of time. Compared to text, digital pictures can provide users with more impactful visual effects. In addition, digital photo can also increase sales for your product. For example, adding a jump page or a pop-up window to a picture creates interaction with the user. By touching the image, it improves the user’s experience.


    The digital picture plays an extremely important role in electronic displays such as digital signage. It not only improves the clarity of information for users, but also ensures that the picture can leave a relatively deep impression in the viewer’s mind. Needless to say, digital picture is indeed one of the effective ways to improve brand image and promote sales of goods.

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