An in depth explanation of cms signage

An in depth explanation of cms signage

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    Are you looking for a digital signage that can display your products, inquiries, announcements, and other contents to passersby in a place where there are crowds of people? If you want to distribute, modify or change the information on your digital signage, you need a content management system (CMS). The CMS is used to manage the inquiries that are displayed on the screen through cms signage. In this article, we will tell you the knowledge points about cms signage in detail.

    What is cms signage

    What is cms signage

    The cms signage is a digital signage with a content management system (CMS) that allows the administrator of the digital signage software to manage the promotional content of the digital signage. A cms signage can ensure that your digital signage will run reliably and support your business at all times.

    What does CMS mean?

    CMS is content management system. In digital signage, the content management system is able to modify and update the existing content and playback content of the device so that the content can be better displayed.

    How does cms signage work for you

    How does cms signage work for you

    Providing a template for your content creation

    As we all know, when using digital message boards, digital displays for retail campaigns, the first thing you need to do is to create the content. The cms signage can provide you with a variety of templates to generate content quickly and provide you with ideas for the layout of your content pages. This allows you to maximize your content layout to match your industry and application.

    Offering a convenient way of management

    If you use a traditional signage, when you need to modify or update the information displayed, it is necessary for the staff to go to the site to change the operation. However, cms signage can provide a more efficient way for managers to manage the signage. You do not need to go to the location of the electronic signage, the remote management function of cms signage allows you to modify and manage the content of the device.

    Customizing the playback schedule

    If you want digital poster to play specific content at specific time, you can try using cms signage. You can analyze the data of cms signage to find out the best time period for content display effect. And furthermore, you can set the digital poster to display specific content at different time slots. Alternatively, you can set the playing time as well as the order of the content to get the best advertising effect.

    Exhibiting individual content

    Unlike traditional signage, cms signage is capable of playing multiple text contents, video promotions, product introductions and other contents on the same screen. You can also selectively adjust the ratio according to the content to meet different preferences of various users. In addition, you can control multiple screens to play the same content at the same time to ensure synchronization of information.

    How to pick the most suitable cms signage

    How to pick the most suitable cms signage

    Whether the signage is easy to operate

    One of the tools that businesses and enterprises in various industries use to display and publicize their information to the general public is cms signage. When choosing a cms signage, the ease of operation of the device is a factor to consider. The ease of use of the equipment will save the organization time in learning how to operate the cms signage, and allow managers to quickly master the operation of the cms signage and quickly apply it.

    Whether or not it is possible to customize content

    The ability to enable customized content is one of the reasons why most businesses choose to use digital signage. While traditional signage has a single layout of content, cms signage enables businesses to create customized content to better stand out from the through many similar displays of information. It is possible to attract the attention of users with more prominent content.

    Whether it can ensure the security of data

    It is able to ensure the correctness and security of data such as device content playback data and customer information. In addition, cms signage blocks unauthorized access when it is received.

    Whether it delivers a return on investment

    The cost of cms signage will be different depending on the requirement and the application scenario. Compared to paper signage, the initial investment for cms signage will be relatively high. However, as it is used, cms signage can effectively reduce the cost of replacing signage messages with its long lifespan and the ability to change the broadcast content over the internet. Moreover, cms signage can be used in store windows of different sizes, shopping mall entrances, cashier counters, dining tables and other places to promote consumer behavior. Therefore, cms signage is cost effective.

    How easy to use a cms signage

    How easy to use a cms signage

    Do you want to know how cms signage makes content play to the screen? When cms signage is installed, you have to install software such as editor. However, the digital signage on the market will come with this software, so if you want to use other software to create content you can also install it in the app. Then, you need to be able to create the content you want to play on the screen in the software. Once the content has been created and saved to the device it can be played. If you want to set the order, duration and frequency of the content, you can adjust it in cms signage.


    With cms signage, you don’t need to spend a lot of labor and money on modifying information as well as updating it. Our cms signage enables administrators to make changes to playback content on the platform. In addition, cms signage provides high security for your device. This also means that you do not need to worry about the information displayed being maliciously altered and can ensure that the correct, timely and complete information is delivered to the eyes of the target audience.

    If you have a limited budget or other concerns, you can tell us the amount of your budget as well as your needs, and we will provide you with the best cms signage solution based on the information you provide.

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