Is the cloud digital signage system better

Is the cloud digital signage system better

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    Nowadays, digital signage has become one of the mediums for enterprise promotion, product display and information release in various industries. It is used by various enterprises to provide users with more convenient, clearer and more attractive content display. In order to allow digital signage users to easily manage the content, top digital signage companies have developed a new technology, cloud digital signage system.

    What is cloud digital signage system

    What is cloud digital signage system

    Cloud digital signage system is a system that allows operators to modify and update the content of static digital signage, dynamic digital signage and other devices through a server built by a cloud service provider. And it is similar to the content management system in CMS signage. In other words, only with a network connection, the operator of the device can log in to the corresponding service providers’ platform to update the playback content and playback duration of the digital signage.

    Why is cloud digital signage system important

    For companies in the corporate, commercial, and educational industries, the timeliness of information is of utmost importance. The timeliness and accuracy of information can keep users up-to-date with the latest information. The cloud digital signage system can be used by device administrators to remotely keep up with the information played on their devices and deliver the latest information to users at the fastest possible speed. Companies can also use the system to provide customized content display for different customers, with the most attractive content to get the attention of users, so as to establish interaction with users, collect user data, and provide a basis for subsequent interaction and communication. In the meantime, cloud digital signage system can save labor cost and time cost for enterprises, which greatly improves the effect of content display as well as the operation effect of the project.

    Benefits of cloud digital signage system

    Benefits of cloud digital signage system

    Remotely control the content of the device

    The cloud digital signage system is able to support access by the operator at any time. You can log in to the management platform through the network on your cell phone, computer, platform and other devices to remotely modify and update the display content of the device. It means that if you want to make changes to the playback content of the device, you can transmit the latest advice without having to physically stand in front of the device. You can operate the digital signage software from any location with cloud digital signage system.

    Various templates for content creation for reference

    The typography as well as the layout of the content is of utmost importance in order for the content to gain more attention from the users. When creating content, you can refer to or use the templates in the cloud digital signage system to add aesthetic appeal to your content. On the one hand, the templates provided in the system can save you time in creating the layout of your content. On the other hand, you can take full advantage of the content layout in the digital signage system and combine it with the display text to create a layout that matches your audience’s aesthetics.

    Reducing the investment cost of equipment

    Compared with traditional signage, the initial investment cost of digital signage is relatively high. However, with a cloud digital signage system, there is no need to purchase local servers and data storage equipment. Businesses can save on hardware costs by using cloud servers. At the same time, the maintenance costs of the servers are minimized. They also provide upgrades and maintenance for the equipment, which gives the user peace of mind.

    Highly flexible content display

    Even when used for product promotion, the content varies from industry to industry depending on the specific product. But cloud digital signage system can adjust the content according to the playback data of the device. For example, you can adjust the playback time period of a certain content, set the playback time period of a certain product information, and provide different content display for different users. Through the flexible content display to improve the effectiveness of your publicity.

    Reliable security

    The data of the device as well as the information of the account will be stored in the cloud, and you can only view the specific data information, change the playback content and other operations if you are granted permission by the server. If a person does not have the permission, it is impossible to update the content of the signage. This ensures that the enterprises using digital signage can get good security. And, if you are worried about data leakage, you can sign a relevant data confidentiality agreement with your cloud service provider to avoid your trade secrets being compromised.

    How to run cloud digital signage system

    How to run cloud digital signage system

    After choosing a cloud digital signage system for your digital signage, log in to the backend provided by the service provider and use the tools provided by the platform to create the content to be displayed, which supports images, animations and text. You can set the playback order, duration and time period of the content after the content is created to get better attention. Once the content is played, you can see the playback data of the device in the background. This data provides you with a reference for setting the content duration and other settings later. You can adjust the playback order of the content through the data fed back by the system.


    The cloud digital signage system enables your digital signage to run on cloud servers, updating the content displayed on the screen in a timely manner and ensuring the security of the device playback data and user information. The cloud digital signage system is a cost-effective software that reduces the investment cost and maintenance cost of the using organization, and at the same time brings an effective return on investment for the organization. It is important to note that you should choose a cloud digital signage system for your digital signage that has a good reputation to ensure that your business is up and running.

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