Obtaining better advertising with 3d digital signage

Obtaining better advertising with 3d digital signage

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    With the development of science and technology as well as the new requirements of various industries on publicity effect, it also drives the development of digital signage. The top digital signage companies combine science and technology with digital signage to develop 3d digital signage which can attract the attention of people with better effect. I don’t know whether you have ever watched the video wall in the center of the shopping mall and felt that the picture seems to break out of the screen and appear in front of your eyes in real life? This is actually 3d digital signage.

    What are 3d digital signage?

    What are 3d digital signage

    Like traditional digital signage, 3d digital signage can display static and dynamic content to the masses. But the content displayed by 3d digital signage is different from the general digital signage. It displays content that can make the audience have a feeling of the screen image floating in front of their eyes. It is because that it has a different technology from traditional digital signage software. Compared with the traditional digital signage, it can better attract the attention of the audience to better deliver the information. It is widely used in display advertising, event publicity, product promotion activities and other occasions.

    How do 3d digital signage work?

    The technology used in 3d digital signage takes advantage of the subtle differences in the way the eye sees things. Each company’s technology research and development department staff will be this subtle difference with the screen image for the combination of adjustments to ensure that the 3d digital signage can give the audience a visual effect of the picture in front of the eyes no matter from which angle. In addition, it is equipped with special hardware devices and software devices to display more realistic three-dimensional content for the audience.

    Advantages of 3d digital signage

    Advantages of 3d digital signage

    More visual impact effect

    Compared with traditional digital signage and paper signage, the content displayed by 3d digital signage can make people feel that the products and information in the screen are floating in front of their eyes, which can bring the audience an impressive visual effect. As a result, the content of the display can be better viewed by the audience, ensuring that the content is widely disseminated.

    Enhancing customer experience

    The content display of 3d digital signage can bring an immersive effect to the audience, which is an effect that cannot be realized by general digital signage. There are also 3d digital signage that can sense the body language of the visiting users and interact with them through the images on the screen, which is conducive to the maintenance of the relationship between the brand and the customers.

    Facilitating business transactions

    3d digital signage is one of the tools used by businesses of all sizes to facilitate business transactions. In comparison to 2D digital signage, 3d digital signage is able to capture more user attention with realistic images, thus facilitating transactions.

    Demonstrating brand strength

    Currently, 3d digital signage is still considered to be one of the most innovative types of digital signage. In addition, through the products displayed by 3d digital signage, the audience will feel that the brand is attentive to the product publicity. It’s a sideways way to show the public the strength of the company

    How much does a 3d digital signage cost?

    How much does a 3d digital signage cost

    Many companies will be more concerned about the cost of the equipment. However, the cost of 3d digital signage cannot be generalized. It depends on the size of the screen, the resolution, the location of the installation, the materials used and other factors. If the screen size is large, then the cost will increase. If you want your screen to be able to show a very clear picture, then it is necessary to have an electronic display with a high resolution, and that means that the cost will be higher. If you want to know in detail how much the 3d digital signage for your project will cost you, you can always get in touch with us. If you already have a specific budget cost, we can provide the most cost-effective 3d digital signage solution according to your budget as well as your needs.

    What are the main applications of 3d digital signage?

    The most common type of large outdoor 3d digital signage is on the facade of a commercial plaza, such as Times Square. Apart from that, 3d digital signage is also used in museums, airports, grand theaters, etc. It is used to deliver news related to the pavilion’s activities, flight schedules, programs, advertisements, and other contents to large groups. 3d digital signage is suitable for the needs of different application scenarios in different industries. It can increase exposure for your brand, improve corporate image, and also bring more conversion probability for your business. Moreover, you can customize digital signage to support your business running.

    What to consider when choosing 3d digital signage?

    What to consider when choosing 3d digital signage

    Choosing the right 3d digital signage for your project can greatly improve the promotional effect. So what are the aspects to pick from? The first thing you should consider is the placement. Where do you want to show your content to the public? And where do you want your customers to see your ads? These are all aspects to consider. The next thing is the size of the screen. The bigger the screen, the more the audience will notice it. But it is also important to choose the right size screen for the specific scenario.

    Another point is the type of screen for the signage, and there are usually more LED screens to choose from. If you can not find the right size of 3d digital signage, you can look for a trusted manufacturer to purchase OEM 3d digital signage to ensure that the project gets continued operation.


    3d digital signage can be used to present your notices, movie promotions, event promotions, directions and other uses to the public in a three-dimensional visual effect. It is more realistic with the 3D technology. Compared to the general electronic signage, it has more visual impact and can better make your content leave a deeper impression in the mind of audiences. 3d digital signage enhances a new type of advertising for businesses. It is able to make customers notice what is displayed on the screen with more attractive effect to promote the transaction behavior.

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